Switch Your Fixed Line Phone Number to Optus

In most cases, you can easily transfer your existing Home or Office Phone number to Optus. All you need to do is select a plan, check if you're serviceable on our network and then apply.

Get Started

Your Home / Office Phone number must remain active with your current service provider during the switch over.

  1. Select a Phone Plan or a Phone & Broadband Bundle

  2. Check Serviceability. Need help with the serviceability check? See this article

    • We will check if your address can be connected to either the Optus Cable, Optus NBN or Optus Direct Network. The pricing for these networks are the same, however we can offer additional products like Premium Speed Packs on the Optus Cable & NBN Networks

    • Enter your phone number as well as your address for the quickest result, or alternatively only enter your address

  3. Click Select on your preferred plan

  4. Select from a range of options, including silent number, keep your number, etc.

  5. Click Buy Now

  6. A Checkout confirmation screen will display

  7. Follow the prompts through the Checkout screen to continue with your switch to Optus

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Transfer / Connection Timeframes

Overall Transfer / Connection Timeframe

The usual timeframe for a transfer or connection to Optus is 10 business days. In the event that your address has never been connected or if the telecommunications equipment in your area requires an upgrade, then the time to connect may take longer. We will advise you if that is the case.

Number Porting Timeframe

Transferring a phone or service number between phone companies is called 'porting'. The actual number porting takes around 15 minutes to complete when initiated between the standard porting hours on business days: 8am - 4:45pm. Below is some useful information in regards to your specific connection. 

  • For HFC connections: The number port will be initiated and completed with the technician onsite
  • For ULL connections: The number port will be initiated and completed during the business day advised to you via text. The port will take around 15 minutes, and you will then be notified via text when the port is complete
  • For NBN connections: The number port will be initiated by you when you first connect your Optus modem. The port will take around 15 minutes, however if initiated outside of the above porting hours, the port will complete within 15 minutes after 8am on the next business day. You will then be notified via text when your port is complete

Note. After the port is initiated, you will be able to make calls, but won't be able to receive them until the port is complete. For NBN connections, to ensure your ability to receive calls is re-established as quickly as possible, only install your Optus modem during the standard porting hours above.

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When a Technician is Required to Attend

It is likely that an Optus technician will be required to attend at your premises if you're serviceable for the Optus Cable Network.

If you're connecting to the Optus NBN Network, a technician may also be required at your premises.

If you're connecting to the Optus Direct Network, then technicians may be required at both your local telephone exchange and / or at your address.

We will advise you of any requirements for technician visits. If a technician needs access to your premises, we will confirm this before your appointment.

For all technician visits, we require the presence of an individual who is:

  • Over the age of 18 years
  • An English speaker

This person does not have to be the account holder, but must be able to make decisions and sign-off on the work completion on the account holders behalf.

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To find out more about your Fixed Phone & Broadband installation such as who to call to reschedule, what equipment you'll need and what we supply, etc, take a look at this article.