How Our Mobile Broadband Plans Work

Have you taken up one of our worry-free Mobile Broadband Plans and need to double check how it works? We've got everything covered in this article, including:

If you’re on a Mobile Broadband plan that shares data with Data Pool, check out this article for all the ins and outs.

How do these plans work?

Each month you'll be billed for the plan that you selected, plus any device repayments you may have also agreed to.

If you use more than your plan's included data in a particular month, we will automatically give you extra data for use in that month for just $10 per extra 1GB.  When your next billing month starts we’ll automatically return you back to your plan’s standard included data. Simple.

Best of all, we'll give you plenty of warning before giving you any extra data via usage alerts, which you can choose to have sent to an email address or as an SMS to a mobile. We also recommend that you track your usage online using My Account or on the go with the My Optus app on your mobile or tablet

What happens if I use more than my included data?

We automatically give you extra data for just $10 per extra 1GB, for use in that billing month.  Then when your next billing month starts we’ll automatically return you back to your plan’s standard included data.

An example is shown below. Note. The plan, prices and inclusions shown are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current offers from Optus.

You've selected a plan that includes 5GB for $30 per month

  • You've used all of your selected plan's data inclusion of 5GB early in your billing month
  • Your plan automatically receives an extra a 1GB of data to allow for additional usage
  • You then also use all of that additional 1GB
  • Your plan then automatically receives another 1GB of extra data
  • You then use 700MB of the second 1GB of data received by the end of your billing month

The table below demonstrates how your monthly plan cost would be calculated (including GST).

  Plan's starting inclusion 1st additional extra data 2nd additional extra data Totals

Data allocated

5GB +1GB +1GB


Data used 5GB + 1GB + 700MB = 6.7GB
Cost $30 + $10 + $10 = $50

How many usage levels can I exceed within a billing month?

These plans are truly flexible because we've built in several 1GB data levels just in case you need them. Ultimately the Optus Mobile Fair Go and Acceptable Internet Use Policies apply so if you've used multiple extra levels and do so consistently, we recommend updating your plan for greater value.

Remember, included usage is from within Australia only.

Further details including terms & conditions are available within the plans Critical Information Summary.

Is my usage charged in pro-rata / proportional amounts?

On your first bill your selected plan will be charged pro-rata (if added part way through your billing period) and 1 month in advance.

Any additional extra data is not pro-rated, so you'll receive the full 1GB of extra data whether you use all of it or not within the billing month. If you've been given extra data keep an eye on your usage and make the most it!  You can track your usage online using My Account or on the go with the My Optus app. We’ll also send usage alerts to help you monitor your spend.

Is unused data rolled-over to the next month?

No. At the beginning of each billing month we automatically return you to your plan's standard included data and monthly fee. 

Is my usage measured per MB or per KB?

Your usage is measured in kilobytes. If you use more than your plan’s standard included data or any extra data ($10 per 1GB) even by 1KB, you'll automatically be given another 1GB data for $10.
To avoid this, take note of any usage alerts that we send you and keep an eye on your usage in My Account.

Will I be warned before I am given extra data?

Yes! We'll send you free usage alerts via SMS / email when you've used 50%, 85% or 100% of your plan's standard data inclusions and should you need it, at 85% and 100% for extra data ($10 per 1GB) provided, so there are no surprises!

If you've opted out of usage alerts in the past, you can set them up again in My Account. See this article for details.

Keep in mind that usage alerts are not sent in real-time and can be delayed by up to 48 hours. So make sure you also keep an eye on your usage online with My Account.

We'll automatically return you to your plan's standard included data and monthly fee.  If you find that you're consistently going over your selected plan every month, we'd recommend changing your plan to accommodate higher usage with greater value.

Our current plan options are shown here. If you want to change your plan and you're:

  • An existing Optus Mobile Broadband customer, call us on 133 937 to make the change
  • New to Optus Mobile Broadband you can purchase a plan online or in-store

Where can I find info specific to My Mobile Broadband Plan?

Need to know what's included and excluded etc? Check out the My Mobile Broadband Plan Critical Information Summary.