How to Check Your Mobile Phone Usage

There are a number of ways to check your Mobile usage as long as you have an eligible service.  Choose an option below: 

Check your usage on your device

These options are available 24/7 and are free to use from your Optus service within Australia.  

Use the My Optus app

Simply open the app or download it here. 

Apple App Store Download Google Play Store Download
SMS me a direct download link

Use the SMS Menu:

  • Postpaid (billed): Text '1' to 9999
  • Prepaid: Text '2' to 9999

Learn more about using your device's on-board data counters in our community forums.

To check My Plan Plus Shared Data Pool usage, see this article instead

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Check your usage online

To get a snapshot of your usage online log into My Account.

Tip! Usage records in My Account are a guide and do not represent an invoice and should not be used for taxation purposes.

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Q: How often is usage updated?
A: The time and date of the last update is shown within the 'Usage' tab. It can take up to 48 hours for recent usage to show. For this reason, the usage information in My Optus app / My Account should only be used as a guide. Your exact usage will be detailed on your monthly bill.

Q: Why can't I see my usage?
If you can't see your service in the 'My Services' list, you may need to

Your usage information can take up to 48 hours to show, if you've just:

  • Registered for My Account
  • Linked the service to your My Account profile
  • Changed your plan / upgraded your service. More options become available after your first bill is issued on your new plan.

Q: What is shown?
The following usage is shown:

  • Usage up until your most recent bill (to a max. of 1000 unbilled record, limited to 60 for prepaid services)
  • Calls made (including the numbers dialled)
  • SMS / MMS sent
  • Data Use (including type and amount)
  • Some feature use (e.g. Voicemail access)
  • Approximate pre-GST totals

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