Switch Your Mobile Phone or Mobile Broadband Number to Optus

Switching your Mobile Phone or Mobile Broadband number over to Optus is pretty easy. For some key things you need to know before making the switch, check out the topics below.

Can I keep my number?

Yes! Transferring a phone or service number between phone companies is called 'porting'. To make sure everything goes smoothly, there are a few things you need to know before you arrange a transfer/ port:

  • Your number needs to remain active with your existing service provider until the switch to us is complete
  • Your number must be in your name and the details you supply to us need to match those on file with your existing service provider 
  • Transfer can only be requested once you have your Optus SIM card and are ready to activate it

If you've already activated your SIM card and have been allocated a new number, you won't be able to replace the new number with your old number.

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Can I switch my number online?

Yes!  Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Purchase a new plan or offer from our online shop (with or without a new handset, tablet or modem)

  2. Make sure you select Keep my existing number during the ordering process

  3. Once you've received your Optus SIM Card (and mobile device if you've ordered one), you can then request your number to be transferred and activate with us (in some cases, we'll even do this for you) - follow the steps available here.


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How long does it take & what's the cost?

You can request to transfer to us online at any time, however a number will only 'physically' switch over during the times /days shown below.

If you make a request outside of these hours, your service will remain active with your existing provider until the next business day and then switch over. Switching normally occurs within about 20 minutes, but can take up to 4 hours during these times.

  • Mon–Fri: 8am–8pm
  • Saturdays: 10am–6pm

What will it cost?

Sometimes if you cancel a contract with another service provider early, they may charge you a fee.  Be sure to check with your existing provider as Optus is not liable for any fees incurred as a result of you transferring your service from another carrier.

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I need help transferring my number over...

In person

On the phone

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