Mobile Phone & Mobile Broadband Sharing Plans: Understanding Your First Bill After Activation

Just received your first bill for your brand new service(s) and have a few questions? We've got all the answers below.

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What is this bill for?

You've probably just signed up and are wondering why you've received a bill so soon after your service was activated. We do this so that your bill is simple and easy to understand.

Here's why...

By sending your first month's bill at the start of your bill cycle, rather than at the end, we avoid having to charge you complex pro-rata amounts, additional months in advance and catch up on your usage all on 1 bill. It also means you get the full monthly benefit for your new plan, not just a proportion of it.

If you've switched your service(s) over to use from another provider, you'll find that the starting dates of your new plan(s) with us, will match up with the end date of plan(s) you had with your previous provider on their final bill.

Your bill at a glance

The first page provides an overview: your account balance, sub-totals for each service number and the total GST payable. It also has your bill's due date, invoice period, B-Pay details and further payment information.

If you've transferred over from an Optus Prepaid service, your 'real money' / 'my credit' balance will appear as a starting credit that's applied against the total of this bill.

Image of first page of bill

Account Summary

Shared Usage Summary

If you have more than one service on My Plan Plus (including SIM only) or My Mobile Broadband Plus on the same billing account, the included monthly data allowance will combine into one data pool. The data pool is shared by all services on the account. The Account Summary is where you'll find the total data allowance available to share.  It also provides a visual breakdown of the data used & unused for each service. 

Remember, any unused data in the pool expires at the end of each billing period. 

Image of Account Summary

What does 'Principal Service' mean?

The principal service is the mobile or mobile broadband service that was activated first on My Plan Plus or My Mobile Broadband Plus plan.  This service 'owns' all of the costs associated with any additional shared data usage. You'll see the following bubble under the Principal Service on the account. 

Image showing principle service indicator

Service Summaries & Recurring Charges

Mobile Number Summary

At the top of this page, within the yellow section, you'll find a brief description of your new plan's monthly cost and its included voice and data allowances. If you have more than one service sharing data, then you'll see repeated sections like this for each service.

Your Usage and Charges Summary

Under this heading you'll see a total for 'included voice charges' and a graph illustrating 'included shared data charges'.  If you take advantage of your new plan's flexibility and need some extra data during the month, you'll find that the bill that follows will show a similar graph but with extra block(s) filled in, each representing additional data usage.

Recurring Charges

These are itemised on your bill and include your monthly plan, as well as equipment charges and feature pricing such as insurance.  The recurring charges in the image below pertain to monthly charges for the $60 My Plan Plus. Here the fee is split into 2 parts ($35 for voice & $25 for data). 

If you're purchasing a new device from us, this section is also where you'll see your regular monthly repayment amount with the number of repayments you have left.

Image of Mobile Number Summary

Wireless Broadband Number Summary

If you've activated a Mobile Broadband device on a Mobile Broadband plan, your bill will summarise any associated charges in this section. If you have more than 1 Mobile Broadband service sharing data, then you'll see repeated sections like this for each service.

Recurring Charges

Here you will see any monthly plan charges associated with your Mobile Broadband device.  If you've purchased a new tablet or Mobile Broadband device any equipment fees will also be listed here.

Image showing Mobile broadband number summary

Other Charges and Credits

If you see a charge for $4.54 (which is $5.00 with GST), this is the one-off setup fee for adding a new Mobile Broadband service or tablet to a Shared Data SIM plan. 

Image showing example of plan activation fee on My Plan Plus

Why are there no calls, data or messages on this bill?

This bill was issued just after your new service(s) was activated so it's unlikely that you were able to use anything before we sent it. Your next online bill when downloaded from My Account will show all of this month's usage.

Don't forget, you can also keep an eye on your current usage via My Account or the My Optus app.  For help see this article for details.

When will I get my next bill?

Your bills are issued monthly, so you'll receive your next bill 1 month from the issue date of this one. Your issue date is shown in the top right corner of the first page.

I've also setup direct debit, is it active for this bill?

For further info on direct debit including how to tell if it's active, take a look at this article.

Please Note: The plans, prices and products shown here are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current offers from Optus.