How to Network Unlock Your iPhone

Updating your device to iOS 7 (or higher) or performing a back up & restore of your iPhone through iTunes will unlock it from the Optus Network, no matter which type of iPhone you've purchased from us. Further help with updates, back up and restoral is available below and at Apple's Support Site.

I've updated or restored before, what's different this time?

In 2013 we auto-unlocked all iPhones previously sold by us. Performing an update to iOS 7 or higher or restoring your device via iTunes will make sure that your iPhone gets the unlock settings.

Not using an iPhone?

Please follow the steps and info in this article instead.

So if you have an...

iPhone 4 or later

If you're already running iOS 7 or higher then your iPhone is already unlocked from the Optus Network. For help see this article or Apple's Help & Support Site.

iPhone 3, 3GS or if you don't want to update to iOS 7 or higher.

Perform a backup and restore of your iPhone - using the steps immediately below.

Before you begin...

  • Check that you're using the latest version of iTunes on your computer and update if necessary
  • A restore will delete all of your media, settings, contacts and personal data, so ensure that you perform a backup before restoring your iPhone ~ !

Step 1: Perform a manual back up

iTunes may automatically perform a backup as part of the restoral process, however we recommend also performing a manual backup as it's better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer (via the supplied cable)
  2. In the left hand 'Sidebar' under 'Devices' select your iPhone
  3. In the centre pane, click on the 'Summary' tab
  4. In the 'Summary' tab below the image of your iPhone, click 'Backup Now'

Step 2: Restore your iPhone

Once your manual backup is complete, restore, then reinstall your backup

  1. In the iTunes 'Summary' tab, click 'Restore iPhone' (iTunes may perform another backup before starting the restoral process)
  2. Restoring your iPhone can take several minutes
  3. When it's finished: In iTunes choose 'Setup / Restore iPhone from...'  Then select your most recent back up and allow it to complete
  4. When complete, your iPhone will be unlocked from the Optus Network.

Please note: During the restoral, your iPhone may appear unresponsive (this is normal) allow the restore and backup to complete and in turn, bring your iPhone back to life.

Further assistance with updating, backing up and restoring your iOS device is available in this article on Apple's website.