Mobile Phone & Mobile Broadband Sharing Plans: Understanding Your Next Bill

The bill is pretty simple once you get to know the ins and outs. In this article we'll walk you through it.

If you've recently recontracted or changed plans, we'll also explain any impacts to your account. 

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Your Account at a Glance

Much like your first bill, this is just an overview.  It shows your balance, sub-totals for each service and the total GST payable. It also has your bill's due date, BPAY details, a comparison with your last bill and additional payment information on the reverse. 

Image of first page of bill

Where will I find info on Payments & Adjustments?

Payments & Adjustments are usually found on the reverse side of the first page of the bill.  Here we show any payments you've made towards your account in the past billing month, including the date we received the payment.  We also provide further payment options towards the bottom of the same page.

Account Summary

Shared Usage Summary

If you have more than one service on My Plan Plus (including SIM only) or My Mobile Broadband Plus on the same billing account, this section lists each service that is adding their data to the total shareable data pool.

The image below shows the total data pool and how much each service used.  The green blocks indicate used data and the yellow blocks, unused data. 

Image of Account Summary

What does 'Principal Service' mean?

The principal service is the mobile device that was activated first on My Plan Plus, this service 'owns' all of the costs associated with your shared data, including any additional shared data usage.  You'll see the following bubble under the Principal Service on the account. 

Image showing principle service indicator

At least 1 mobile device must be on My Plan Plus for you to share its included data with other Mobile devices.

Service Summaries & Recurring Charges

Mobile Number Summary

At the top of this page, you'll find a brief description of the plan's monthly costs and included voice & data allowances.  If you have more than 1 service sharing it's data, then you'll see similar sections like this for each service.  

Your Usage and Charges Summary

Under this heading, you'll see a total for 'included voice charges' and a graph illustrating 'included shared data charges'.  If you've used more than the included shared data allowance during the month, the graph will show extra block(s) filled in, representing the additional data usage.

Recurring Charges

These are itemised on your bill and include your monthly plan, as well as equipment charges and feature pricing such as insurance. The image below features the My Plan Plus $60 fee that is split into 2 parts ($35 for voice & $25 for data).

If you're purchasing a new device you'll also see your regular monthly handset repayment amount here, together with a handy countdown showing the number of repayments you have left.  For more information on device repayments see this article.

Image of Mobile Number Summary

Wireless Broadband Number Summary

If you've activated a Mobile Broadband device on a Shared Data Plan or Share Data SIM, your bill will also summarise any associated charges in this section. If you have more than 1 Mobile Broadband service sharing data, then you'll see repeated sections like this for each service.

Under the section, Recurring Charges you will see any monthly plan charges associated with your Mobile Broadband device.  If you've purchased a new tablet or Mobile Broadband device any equipment fees will also be listed here.

Other Charges & Credits

If you see a charge for $4.54 (which is $5.00 with GST) in this section, this is the one-off fee charged when adding a new Mobile Broadband service or tablet onto a Shared Data Plan.

Example of mobile broadband summary page(s)

Recently recontracted or changed plans.  How will this impact my Account?

On this bill only under Recurring Charges you’ll see a part month charge for your new plan from the date it took over from your old plan to the end of this bill.  Combined, these charges make up the total cost since you started on your new plan (excl. GST).

In the section titled Other Charges & Credits you will see a credit for your previous plan that was charged in advance.

Excluded from Current Plan

This section includes all the usage charges for your old plan and any usage charges not covered under your new plan. 

If the sub-total here shows $0.00, then you haven't been charged for any of the usage shown in this section. If there is a difference leftover, then it's possible that you’ve either exceeded the allowance of your old plan or you've incurred usage not covered by either plan.

From your next bill, this section will only show charges for usage that are excluded from your new plan, if any.  For more info, refer to your Critical Information Summary.

Your Usage in Detail

This information will only appear on bills that you've downloaded from My Account. They include your itemised calls, your daily data use and your total national standard SMS/ MMS. Your detailed usage is grouped by service, then by plan.

For each service your new plan's details are listed first, followed by anything billed under your old plan as well as any excluded usage.  Keep in mind that the charges appearing in these sections exclude GST.

Image showing itemised usage on My Plan Plus for a Mobile Phone

Mobile Call Times & Data Calculations

Is the time of a call/message on my bill, local time?

The time of a call shown on your bill is the local time recorded at the first mobile base station or other network facility through which your call passes. In most cases this means the time will be local time.

Sometimes, there are some tricky exceptions. Say you live close to a state border and there's a time difference between these two states. A call that you make from your home state may first pass through a mobile base station in the neighbouring state, resulting in the time of call being listed as the time in that neighbouring state.

How do we count the length of a call?

My Plan Plus bill call lengths are shown in per minute intervals on your bill. 

How do we count your data usage?

We count the volume of data uploaded and downloaded to your mobile phone in per 1 kilobyte increments.

Further information on how we calculate your charges is contained within the Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA).

Further questions that you may have…

Please Note: The plans, prices and products shown here are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect current offers from Optus.