Fetch: Availability & Purchase

Interested in Fetch? Check out the topics below or head to this page to understand what Fetch is.

How much does it cost & how do I get it?

You can check out our Fetch package pricing here.

Alternatively you can take up one of the following bundles:

Is it available in apartments or units?

The Fetch service is available to all Australian homes, apartments and units that meet the service eligibility. For more information, take a look at the topic What do I need to connect Fetch? 

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What do I need to connect Fetch?

To connect a Fetch service you need the following:

  • An Optus Home Broadband service (Cable, DSL Direct, DSL or NBN) or an Optus Postpaid Mobile Phone service
  • A Cable, NBN or DSL modem / router with a spare Ethernet port if using a Powerline adaptor
  • A minimum Home Broadband speed of at least 3 Mbps
  • An existing, roof-mounted, Free-To-Air TV antenna (needed for free to air channels)
  • A widescreen television


  • Quad-shielded antenna / coaxial cabling
  • Powerline Adaptor (connection via Ethernet)

Can I use my Set Top Box with WiFi?

Only the Mighty and Mini set top boxes (STB) are WiFi enabled. For any other STB you’ll need to connect via an Ethernet cable. A Powerline Adaptor can be used to connect your STB and modem using your home’s internal electrical wiring.

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