Yes TV by Fetch: Availability & Purchase

Interested in Yes TV by Fetch? Check out this article for all the info you need.

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For a quick overview of Yes TV by Fetch, check out this article.

What is the cost of Yes TV by Fetch?

You can check out the Yes TV by Fetch package and content pricing here. Alternatively you can take up one of the following bundles:

What do I need for Yes TV by Fetch?

To connect a Yes TV by Fetch service you need the following:

  • An Optus Home Broadband (Cable, DSL Direct, DSL or NBN) service or an Optus Postpaid Mobile Phone service
  • A Cable, NBN or DSL modem / router with a spare Ethernet port
  • A minimum Home Broadband speed of at least 3 Mbps
  • An existing, roof-mounted, Free-To-Air TV antenna
  • A widescreen television


Note: The 'Mighty' (Gen 3 set top box) and 'Mini' (set top box) are WiFi enabled, so you don't need to purchase a powerline adapter.

Can I use it with a WiFi network?

Yes, but only for the Mighty (Gen 3 set top box) and Mini (set top box), as these allow connection to the modem via WiFi. For any other set top box, if your broadband modem is not in the same room as your television, you can purchase a powerline adaptor kit with your Yes TV by Fetch service. Powerline adaptors allow you to connect your set top box to your modem using your home's internal electrical wiring.

Is it available in apartments or units?

The Yes TV by Fetch service is available to all Australian homes, apartments and units that meet the service eligibility provided above.

How do I get Yes TV by Fetch?

  • If you're an existing Optus Postpaid Mobile Phone or Optus Home Broadband customer, you can order it from here
  • If you don't have an existing Optus service, you can purchase one of these products and add Yes TV by Fetch here