Yes TV by Fetch: Billing & Plans

For Yes TV by Fetch pricing and billing details, checkout the information below

Where can I find Yes TV by Fetch packages and pricing?

You can find Yes TV by Fetch packages and content pricing here, alternatively you can take up one of the Yes TV by Fetch bundles.

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How am I billed for Yes TV by Fetch?

Your Yes TV by Fetch charges will appear on the bill of the service it's linked with (e.g. Home Broadband or Mobile Phone). The Yes TV by Fetch monthly service charge will appear in the 'Recurring Charges' section of your bill. 

The monthly service fee is billed in advance, so your first bill after Yes TV by Fetch activation will feature two entries of the monthly service fee, as in the example below. More information on advanced, multiple and pro-rata charges is available here.

Fetch Bill A

Other charges, such as TV packs or Movies will appear in the 'Content Services' section of the same bill.

Fetch Bill B

Important! Charges for TV packs are charged in monthly blocks and are not pro-rated.

Please note: The pricing, plans and services presented above are for illustrative purposes only and may not be reflective of current products available from Optus.

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