Yes TV by Fetch: Parental & Content Control PIN

Yes TV by Fetch comes with a parental control setting that allows you to restrict the types of content that can viewed or purchased.

What is the Parental Control PIN?

The default PIN is 0000. We recommend you change the PIN immediately after you've activated your Yes TV by Fetch service. The parental control PIN can be used to block access to particular channels, recorded or downloaded programs or material based on the content classification (eg. G, PG, M, MA, R).

The PIN is also required to access many of the settings within the set top box and required if purchasing Pay Per View / Movie Rental / On Demand content.

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Changing the Parental Control PIN...

The parental control PIN can be changed via your Yes TV by Fetch set top box.

  1. On your remote control: Press Menu to access the Main Menu

  2. Using the navigation buttons: Select Manage then Settings

    Image showing menu button on remote controlImage showing navigation buttons on remote control

  3. In the Settings menu, select Parental Controls

    Image showing settings menu

  4. Select Parental PIN Change

  5. Enter your existing PIN (default is 0000)

  6. Select and enter a new PIN

  7. Confirm the new PIN

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I've forgotten my Parental Control PIN...

You can reset a forgotten Parental Control PIN online by logging in to your Yes TV by Fetch account using your Member Services password.

  1. Scroll to the bottom right of your online account: Press Reset

  2. Take note of the new PIN

  3. It may take a couple of minutes for the reset to reach your Yes TV by Fetch set top box

  4. Back on your Yes TV by Fetch, change your new PIN using the instructions above

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