Optus TV feat. Foxtel: Troubleshooting

The following steps resolve the most commonly reported problems experienced with FOXTEL services...

Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Check that the power lead from the set top unit is connected and that the power point is switched on

  2. Check that the cable from the wall plate to your set top unit is securely connected

  3. Ensure your TV is on your FOXTEL channel. If it is, ensure you've pressed the FOXTEL button on your remote control

  4. Check that the Smartcard is inserted properly. The gold chip should be facing down and the arrow on the top of the Smartcard should be pointing into the Set Top Unit

  5. Make sure that the leads from the set top unit to the TV are connected

  6. Try resetting your set top unit

How to reset your set top unit (STU)

To reset your set top unit, follow the steps below:

  1. Switch off the power from your set top unit at the power point ensuring there are no lights on (please exercise care when working with electricity)

  2. Wait for 30 seconds and then reconnect the power to the set top unit, (all lights should be illuminated indicating the reboot process taking place)

  3. Wait for a single red light on the set top unit, then press either the FOXTEL or Standby buttons on the remote control

  4. The television should display the following message F102 - Searching for Listings...please wait. The FOXTEL help channel will then appear

  5. Press the FOXTEL button on your remote control again, to return to the regular FOXTEL service

  6. Select your viewing channel

Further Assistance...

For troubleshooting or further assistance with FOXTEL you can either download the appropriate guide below or contact us.

Call us on 13 13 44

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