How to Check Your Fixed Phone Usage

If you've got an eligible service you can check your Home/ Office Phone usage for the current month.  Simply choose the way that suits you.

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Please note: Customers on the Optus Cable Network cannot view live phone usage online

Using your Phone: via a call

This option is available 24/7 and free to use from your Optus Fixed Phone service.

  • Call: Dial and follow the prompts.

Using your PC: My Account

You can get a snapshot of your phone usage by logging into My Account.

How do I see itemised usage / individual call records?

To see individual calls, up until your last bill, click the adjacent 'Usage Details' tab. More information on viewing detailed usage is available in this article

How do I view older usage?

My Account displays usage up until your most recent bill. To see older usage you'll need to download the bill that corresponds to the period you want to view. For help with viewing or downloading your bills, see this article.

When does my plan reset? What do I get each month?

To view your usage period / plan inclusions, log into My Account.

Your plan's details

Your plan's charges, rates and inclusions are contained within the Critical Information Summary (CIS) next to your plan name, as shown in the image above. You'll need Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader to download and view your CIS. Please note: Some of our older plans may not have a CIS document

You can also go to our Critical Information Summary Site to view available CIS documents across all services.

Your usage period

The start and end dates of your usage are generally the same for each monthly period. Your monthly bill is calculated at midnight of the last day and issued to you. Your usage period / billing month is also shown on the top right of each page of your bill.

How often is usage updated?

The time and date of the last update is shown within the usage tab, it may take up to 24-48 hours for recent usage to show. Occasionally a network event may delay the update period. It's for this reason that the usage information in My Account should only be used as a guide.

Your exact usage will be detailed on your monthly bill.

Why can't I see my usage?

If you can't see your service in the My Services list:

Your usage information can take up 24-48 hours to show, if:

If you have difficulty setting up your My Account profile, call General & Billing enquiries on 133 937 and we'll get it sorted for you.

What is shown?

  • Usage up until your most recent bill (to a max of 1000 unbilled records)
  • Calls made (including numbers dialled)
  • Some Feature Use (eg. voicemail access)
  • Approximate Pre-GST totals

What isn't shown?

The following usage information is not available or calculated in My Account.

  • Usage details that have already been issued in a bill
  • Usage in the last 12-24 hours
  • Plan inclusions, bonuses, discounts or offers applied
  • Usage via another provider's network
  • Service/Feature charges or other fees.
  • Credit/debit adjustments or recurring charges as these are applied when the invoice is issued

Important information

Usage records in My Account are a guide and do not represent an invoice and as such should not be used for taxation purposes.