Noise & Static On Calls: Fixed Phone Troubleshooting

If you're experiencing noise on your phone line, the following checks can help identify the cause of the problem.

Check 1

Firstly, if the noise occurs intermittently and only when you contact a specific number, the issue is likely to be caused by a problem with the other person's service. Please advise the person concerned that there may be noise occurring on their phone line.

Check 2

Check for connection problems. Ensure all phones are plugged securely into the wall socket.

Check 3

Conduct an 'isolation test' to determine if the problem is caused by an external piece of equipment plugged into the phone line. Unplug/disconnect ALL phones and any other equipment connected to your line. This may include additional phones, internet modems, internet filters, fax machines, extension cords, Pay TV boxes etc.

Then plug only one telephone (preferably a corded phone) back into the line and make a test call.

If you no longer experience noise on the line:

You've established that a piece of equipment you had connected to your phone line was causing the problem. To identify the specific piece of equipment that is causing the issue you will need to:

  • Reconnect one piece of equipment at a time
  • Make a test call

If you experience noise on the line after connecting a specific piece of equipment - you have identified where the issue lies.

Check 4

Check for damage to the handset, buttons or cords that may be causing the noise on the line.

If the handset appears damaged:

Optus provides service assurance on Optus supplied handsets for those customers either paying the monthly handset charge or those who have purchased the device and it's still under warranty, (12 months from the original purchase date). For further assistance, contact Technical Support on this contact number.

Call us on 13 13 44

Optus does not provide service assurance for handsets supplied by a 3rd party. If you require further assistance to organise a replacement handset, you can call Customer Service on this contact number or make alternative arrangements.

Call us on 133 937

If the handset is in good working order and you're still experiencing problems:

Please contact technical support on this contact number so we can assist you further. Advise the technician of the troubleshooting you've completed. Note, it may be necessary to repeat some of these steps while we test your service on the network.

Call us on 13 13 44