How to Use 132 926 Self-Service

The 132 926 self service line has a range of self service features that will help you manage your Fixed Phone or Broadband service. It’s a quick simple way to access account and billing information from most fixed line phones.

How do I use 132 926 Self Serve?

Dial 132 926 from your phone and follow the prompts to make a selection. For Mobile Broadband you'll need your Mobile Broadband service number. Calls to 132 926 are free from Optus Home Phone services.

Image showing 132 926 menu options

Why are my options different?

After dialling 132 926 you may be asked slightly different questions. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to complete your enquiry.

It says it's unavailable for my service?

Sorry about that, unfortunately 132 926 is not compatible with some phone services due to the technology used to deliver those services. As an alternative, please call 133 937.