How to Add or Remove Caller ID: Fixed Phone

When enabled on a compatible Fixed Phone handset, caller ID displays the phone numbers of your incoming calls.

Looking for Mobile Phone Caller ID info? Click here.

What will Office/Home Phone caller ID show me?

Caller ID will display the caller's full national phone or mobile number on your Home Phone, unless the call originates from:

  • Overseas (unless the country uses the same caller ID technology)
  • A pay phone
  • A blocked or silent number
  • Some 'unserviced' areas in Australia

If the call originates from one of the above, your handset will display either:

  • 'Unavailable' - these are generally calls coming from unserviced areas within Australia or from overseas.
  • 'Private' - these are generally calls that have been blocked by the caller or originate from an unlisted (silent) number.

How much does Home/Office Phone caller ID cost?

To view the charges for Caller ID and our other Home Phone features click here.

How do I activate or deactivate Home/Office Phone caller ID?

Please contact us so we can activate/deactivate the feature for you.

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Caller ID differs to the feature that controls whether or not your phone is displayed to others (Calling Number Display). If you need more information about that feature, click here.