Using Voicemail Call Return: Fixed & Mobile Phone

To use the ‘Call Return’ feature in voicemail, press 6 after listening to your messages. Press # to return the call or enter another number.

What is Call Return?

The voicemail Call Return feature lets you return the call without leaving the mailbox.

The Call Return feature will only work if:

  • The number is provided when the Caller ID is captured
  • If the number is entered by the caller at the end of the voicemail message
  • You are retrieving messages from your Optus service

How do I use Call Return?

To use the Call Return feature:

  1. Dial 321 to retrieve messages from your Optus service
  2. At the end of your message press 6
  3. Press # to return the call to the provided number or enter another number (including area code) and press #
  4. Voicemail will then dial the number and connect your call
  5. At the end of your call, you can wait or press * * to go back to your mailbox

Please note that voicemail retrieval charges apply for the duration of the call, as well call costs under your  rate plan.