Call Return (Voicemail Feature): Fixed & Mobile Phone

Call Return is a voicemail feature that allows you to return a call without leaving your mailbox.

Call Return (Fixed Services)

Important! Call Return is automatically activated on all Optus Home / Business phone services by default.

How do I access Call Return?

  1. Pick up your handset and wait for a dial tone

  2. Dial *69 from the handset

  3. If available, the phone number from your last incoming call will be read out

  4. To use the 'Call Return' feature press 1 (standard calling rates apply)

There's no monthly fee to use this service. Standard calling rates will apply only if you use the Call Return feature (by pressing 1 to return the call)

To disable the feature permanently, give us a call on .

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Call Return (Mobile Services)

Important! Call Return is not available for Prepaid services.

How do I access Call Return?

  1. Dial 321 from your Optus service to retrieve voicemail

  2. At the end of your voicemail message, press 6

  3. Press # to return the call or to enter another number (including area code)

  4. Press # and voicemail will dial the number and connect the call

  5. At the end of your call, wait (or press * *) to go back to your mailbox

Note: Voicemail retrieval charges will apply for the duration of the call as well as any call costs associated with your plan.

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Why can't I receive a number?

Call Return will only work if:

  • the number is provided when the Caller ID is captured
  • the number is entered by the caller at the end of the voicemail message
  • you're retrieving messages from your Optus service

Call Return cannot retrieve phone numbers that are:

  • silent / unlisted
  • coming from a pay phone / overseas / complex business phone system
  • manually blocked by the caller

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