Mobile Phone Operator Assistance & Charges (124YES)

Optus 124YES (124 937) is an Optus Mobile Phone directory assistance service that connects you through to the number you want to call within Australia.

With 124YES you only have to remember one number to find and be connected to most publicly listed numbers in Australia.

Enquiry By Voice

By dialling 124 followed by the numbers that spell Y-E-S and you will be put through to an operator who will search for the number and then connect you directly to it.

Optus 124YES operator can also send the result via SMS your mobile phone. So if the number is busy or is not answered, you can re-dial it or store it in your phone's address book.

Enquiry By SMS

To request listings via SMS

  1. Simply send an SMS to 124YES (124 937) with a Personal name or Business name or Business type. eg. Restaurants, Florist, etc. and/or your desired a location (Suburb/State) for which you'd like a number / contact listings
  2. The 124YES operator will respond with the closest matching results. If you do not provide sufficient details, the operator will reply requesting additional information. If you respond promptly a clarifying SMS will not be charged as an additional search
  3. Once your inquiry is closed, the operator will ask via SMS if there is anything else they can do to assist. You're not charged for this reply SMS from the operator, unless you request a new search/different query

Enquiries by Voice - Pricing

Calling Optus 124YES costs $1.75 (inc GST) per call, plus your plan call rates for the duration of the call. If requested, it's an additional 25c to have results sent via SMS to your mobile.

Enquiries by SMS - Pricing

  • $1.75 per directory listing search request including unsuccessful searches.There is no charge for subsequent SMS within the same query or for a clarification SMS
  • $1.75 for each additional search request

If you have special communication needs

If you have special communication needs and are unable to read or handle a phone directory, please call us or here for TTY to make special arrangements for directory assistance/connect thru calls.

Call us on 133 937

We have a range of services for customers with disabilities, take a look at this article for all the info

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