I need an explanation of my bill alert

Customers eligible for online billing can elect to receive either an SMS or an emailed bill alert to advise that their next bill is ready for viewing. Emailed bill alerts contain an overview of your newly issued bill and your bill in PDF format.

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Understanding Your Bill Alert Email

Image of emailed bill alert with labels


  • 'Last Bill' - Is the total of your previous bill.
  • 'Payment/Adjustments' - If you've made any payments or received any adjustments (credits), they will appear here. Any recent payments made after this bill's issue date, will appear on your next bill. These are deducted from the 'Last Bill' total to provide your balance (B)


  • 'Balance' - Is the sum of your previous bill minus the payments & adjustments made against that sum. If the resulting figure is above zero this will contribute to the total amount due. If the balance is a negative amount (in credit) this will reduce the total amount due.
  • 'This Bill' - Is the total amount of the current bill only.


  • The account number for this bill.


  • 'Total Amount Due' - Is the amount to be paid and equals the sum of the 'This 'Bill' (B) and 'Balance'(B) amounts.
  • 'This Bill Due Date' - Is the date by which the amount in the 'This Bill' box is due. If there is an amount in the 'Balance' box this is due immediately, not by the date in this box. Below this box is a URL that you can click/copy & paste into your browser so you can pay this account by credit card.


  • Useful Links - To perform a suggested action simply click on these items within the bill alert.


  • Graph - Comparative amounts of your last bills as a handy point of reference: The graph totals for the previous 2 bills may differ from the last bill balance as the graph total does not include any payments or adjustments
  • This is a list of the services (Phone Numbers / Usernames) and their associated rate plans that are billing on this account.


  • Handy link to My Account is placed here so that you can view this bill in detail or perform an action listed on the right.

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