Voice to Text: FAQ, Add or Remove

Voice to Text is a voicemail feature that converts spoken voicemail messages into text and then sends them to your mobile handset as an SMS.

How does it work?

With Voice to Text active, if a caller leaves you a voicemail message in English, in addition to being stored as regular voicemail, the message is converted to text and sent to you as an SMS. Better still, the SMS will appear to come from the caller so that you can return the call or reply directly from the converted SMS.

What does it cost?

For detailed pricing, terms & conditions and even more info, see the Voice to Text tab on this page.

How do I turn it on or off?

To turn Voice to Text on you must also have Voicemail active. See our article on activating voicemail if you need help.

  • SMS: Text the word ON or OFF to 7746
  • Online: Use My Account. Steps below.
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How to switch Voice to Text off / on in My Account

  1. Log in with your My Account username, not your phone number
  2. Follow steps A & B, as shown in the image below

    Image showing navigation to service listing

  3. Select the Mobile service with voicemail, then click its 'Settings' tab

    Image showing navigation to settings tab

  4. In the 'Settings tab', scroll down to 'Voicemail' and click 'Setup'

    Image showing voicemail option in My Account
  5. In the pop up screen, next to 'Message Delivery' click 'Change' then follow the prompts to turn Voice to Text on. To turn it off , Select 'SMS Me' to return to the regular voicemail service.

What's the difference between SMS Me, Missed Call Service & Voice to Text or MMS


Is part of our regular Voicemail service and has no additional charge. It simply sends you an SMS advising when a new Voicemail message has been left.

Missed Call Service

Is a free substitute for Voicemail. It allows for small 10 second messages to be converted and sent as an SMS, but does not record or store the message like Voicemail. Further info on Missed Call Service is available here.

Voice to Text

Is a paid optional add on to Voicemail. It converts full Voicemail messages to text and then sends them to you, so that you can reply directly to the caller by voice or text. Voice to Text is no longer available to add to Prepaid services. If you have a Prepaid service and are already subscribed to Voice to Text, you can continue as normal as nothing changes. This service will incur a monthly subscription fee of $6.99, which will be deducted from your real money credit (My Credit / Credit partition).

Voice to MMS

Is a paid optional add on to Voicemail. It converts full Voicemail messages to an audio file and sends them to you as an MMS, so that you can reply directly to the caller by voice or another message. Further info on Voice to MMS is available here.

For further information including terms & conditions, click here.