Register or Add Services to My Account

Registering or linking additional services to My Account is simple.  In this article you'll find info on how to get started or what to do if you have any problems.

What would you like to do?

  • To create a new My Account profile, click here. Ensure that you verify your email address and My Account profile by using the link we sent to you after you've registered
  • To link additional account/ services to your existing My Account profile, click here & log in. If you're already logged in, click the 'add a service' option near the top right of your dashboard

Forgotten your My Account password/ username?

See this article for assistance.

Change your username to an email address

If you've not yet switched to email login - you'll be presented with a new popup in My Account. Check out the details below:

  1. The popup will advise you to switch to email login

  2. You can enter your email address & click change

  3. A verification email will be sent to your email address before the email login can be used

Changing to email login is not yet mandatory, you can click on the 'X' in the corner if you don't wish to change your username. Keep in mind that you'll see the popup again on your next login.

If you close the popup & want to switch to email login:

  1. Go to My Profile in the My Account dashboard

  2. Click on Switch to Email Login & follow the prompts

I'm having difficulty, help me!

Experiencing problems linking or registering the service?  Below are some general things to check:

  • If the service/ account you're trying to register with is not active or is brand new, sometimes it can take up to 48 hours for new account/ service(s) to become available for linking/registration
  • Is the service/ account is registered under a different account holder's name?  Only services under your name can be linked to other services/accounts
  • Are the service/ account already linked to another My Account profile?  If yes, we can delink and relink it up for you. You could also try retrieving the original profile's login details, help is available within this article
  • If the service/ account is segmented or classed in our systems as a Business service and you're trying to link it to a Personal Service or vice versa. We may need to reclassify the account for you
  • Not compatible with My Account. Unfortunately not all services are compatible, to see alternatives or to check compatibility, see this page
  • Are the service/ account disconnected or in the process of being deactivated or changed to someone else's name?

Ok so what can I do?

If you're the account holder of the service/ account, call customer service on 133 937 (we're open 8am to 7pm Mon to Fri and 8am to 5pm on Sat) so we can get it sorted for you.