Register or Add Services to My Account

Registering for My Account is simple, click here to get started!

Note.  It can sometimes take up to 48 hours for new service(s) to become available for registration.

Once you’ve registered for My Account, you will also need to link the service(s) to your profile to manage your marketing preferences.

If you already have a My Account login but have forgotten your username or password, see this article for assistance.

Are you the Account Holder?

I am the Account holder, I want to...

Register for My Account

Register for My Account by going here to create your own login details.

Important: To complete your registration, you'll need to click the link in the email we'll send you.

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See all services in My Account

As an Account Holder you should be able to automatically view all the services you own in your profile. 

Important: If your account number starts with 8, 9 or 10, you will need to manually link additional services to your existing profile. Follow the below steps to link a service:

  1. Log into My Account

  2. Select Your Services

  3. Select Add a Service and follow the prompts

It can take up to 48 hours for linked services to appear in My Account.

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Remove existing services in My Account

As an Account Holder you should be able to see all the services you own in your profile, if you see services that you no longer own / manage (i.e. you've recently changed the ownership of a service), log into My Account to remove the service from your profile.

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Manage my Service Contact

Authorise a Service Contact

A Service Contact can send you a request to manage their own marketing preferences.  You can approve / deny these requests in My Account.

Note: An email notification will be sent to the requestor when you approve the request.

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Remove existing contact from a service

Each service in My Account can only be assigned to one Service Contact.  You will need to remove the existing relationship before assigning a new contact. You can remove an existing contact from a service by logging into My Account

Note: The Service Contact you have removed will not receive an email notification when this occurs.

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Nominate a Service Contact

Account Holders can nominate a Service Contact so they can manage their own marketing preferences. The notification can be sent via email or SMS.

Once the invitation is accepted, you can assign additional services to the same contact. 

To nominate a Service Contact log into My Account.

Note: You may resend invitation email / SMS if required.

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I am a user of the service, I want to...

Create a My Account login

Go to My Account to create your own login details​.

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Add service(s) to my Account

You can ask the Account Holder for permission to link service(s) to your profile, so you can manage your own marketing preferences. Once the nominated service is approved by the Account Holder, the service will appear on your Dashboard in My Account.

Log into My Account, when the Account Holder has approved you as a Service Contact, you can request for more services to be added.

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