How to View Your Payment, Receipt or Recharge History Online

You can view your payment history in two ways.

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It's important to note that payments made within the last 48 hours may not show straight away. Further info on payment timeframes is available in this article.

How to view card payment history in Pay My Bill

Click 'Show Steps' to learn how to view previous card payments made using Pay My Bill.

Click to go to Pay My Bill
Click to show steps

How to view your payment history within Pay My Bill

  1. Click the 'Go' button above to go to Pay My Bill
  2. Within the Pay My Bill screen click the 'Previous Payment' button (image below)

    Image showing steps to view Pay My Bill history

  3. Enter your account number and click 'Show History' (Image below)

Image showing steps to view payment history within our Pay My Bill site

How to view your payment or recharge history in My Account

To view your payment / rechage history online, log into My Account. Your payment and recharge history is shown below your latest bills section.

For further My Account navigation assistance, see this article .