Finding Your Service / Phone Number

Your service number is your phone number and can be identified in the following ways.

Tip: Mobile Broadband service numbers have a similar format to regular mobile phone numbers

Mobile Phone or Mobile Broadband Service Numbers: Via SMS

This method does not apply to devices without SMS functionality eg. iPad

  1. Use Optus SMS Menu
  2. Go to your Messages app or your Optus Mobile Broadband inbox
  3. Send a text containing the number 1 (one) to 9999 (It's a free text within Australia, so don't worry if you've no Prepaid credit or have an overdue bill)
  4. Within a few moments you'll receive some details about your service including your service number.

All eligible services: Via My Account

If you've already registered and linked the service in My Account, you can see its service number in your Dashboard.

  1. Log in to My Account with your username
  2. Go to your service listing by following steps A & B shown in the image below, you'll see all of your linked service numbers listed.

    Image showing navigation to service listing

  • Tip Mobile Broadband service numbers resemble a Mobile Phone number, as shown below
Image showing example of Mobile Broadband Service Numbers in My Account



On your bill

For services on a bill, your service number will appear in the following locations.

  • On the first page

Image showing location of service number on first page of bill

  • On the service summary page(s) which usually begins from page 2 or 3

Image showing location of service number within bill