How to Switch Paper Bills On or Off

You can request to turn paper bills on or off via My Account. Just follow the steps we've outlined on this page. 

If you need to change the email/postal address for you bills, check out this article.

Switch Paper Billing On/Off: My Account

To change your bill delivery method, log in to My Account and follow the steps below.

Click to log in

How to switch paper billing off or on in My Account

  1. Log in to My Account

  2. Click on the Dashboard tab & scroll down to see Your Bills

    Image of Dashboard in My Account

  3. Select the account you'd like to change, then click View Details

    Image showing View Details in My Account

  4. Navigate to Current Bill Settings (on the right hand side)

  5. Then click Edit delivery method

    Image showing where to click Edit Delivery Method

  6. A pop-up screen will give you the option to change your bill delivery method

  7. Follow the prompts to submit your change. Your next bill will now be sent to you as requested. If you're changing to paper bills, make sure you check and update your billing address if necessary

Switching back to paper bills?

Changing to a paper bill where online billing is available, can attract a $2.20 (incl. GST) fee per bill issued.

Do I use My Account or Member Services?

This depends on the type of services you have. For assistance with online billing, eligibility and functions, check out this article.