Finding Your Account Number

You can find your account number(s):

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Using your mobile phone ~ mobile phone account numbers only

Postpaid Mobile Phone customers can obtain their account number at any time.

  1. Call '1501' from your Optus Mobile Phone (it's a free call)
  2. A free SMS is automatically generated, then sent to your mobile, it will contain your account number and current balance.

Using any phone ~ home phone, mobile phone & mobile broadband account numbers

You can obtain your account number at any time:

  1. Have a pen and some paper handy
  2. Call  from any phone
  3. Select the 'Retrieve Account Number' option
  4. Your account number will be read out along with your balance & payment details

On your bill ~ any account number

Optus issues two major bill formats for personal services. (Colours may vary)

Image showing location of account number on our bills  

Mobile Phone / Home Phone / DSL / Mobile Broadband (bill image on the left)

Your 14 digit account number is on the first page of your bill as indicated above.

Optus TV feat. Foxtel or Cable Broadband Bill (bill images on the right)

Your 10 digit account number is located on the first page as shown above

In My Account

Customers with bills already linked to My Account, can view their account number(s) online.

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How to see your account number in My Account

  1. Log in to My Account and go to your Dashboard
  2. Follow steps A & B as shown in the image below

    Image showing navigation to account numbers and balances

  3. Your account number, balance and further links to view your bills is shown much like the example below.

Image showing location account numbers and other billing details