Me2U & IOU

Me2U is a feature that allows you to share credit with other Prepaid customers and schedule regular credit transfers. IOU is a feature that allows Prepaid Mobile customers who have run out of credit to request emergency credit from Optus.

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What is Me2U & who can use it?

Put simply, Me2U is a feature that lets you transfer credit from your Optus Postpaid or Prepaid service to another Optus Prepaid service.

Who can use Me2U?

  • Me2U is available to Optus Postpaid and Optus Prepaid services (except My Prepaid Daily, My Prepaid Daily Plus, My Prepaid Ultra, Dollar Day, My Prepaid Long Expiry, My Prepaid Ultimate, Connect 4 Less and Coles Prepaid SIM plans)
  • Your service must be active for a minimum of 35 days before you can share credit
  • You can transfer up to $10 per calendar month
  • Your Prepaid services needs to have sufficient My Credit

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How do I use Me2U & how long does it last / take?

How to use Me2U

You can arrange for a credit transfer between customer accounts online or using your mobile handset via text message.

  1. Go to and log in using your My Account username and password

Click this button to log in to My Account

  1. Once you've logged in, click on Billing & Payments from the top menu

Click on Billing & Payments

  1. On the right hand-side under Useful Links click on Me2U Credit Transfer

Image showing location of Me2U Credit Transfer link

  1. A new page will appear. Choose where to transfer the credit from, the mobile number you want to transfer credit to and the $ amount. Complete the request by following steps D and E below.

Image showing Me2U Credit Transfer page

Using your mobile handset
  1. Use the Optus SMS Menu or text #me2u to 9999 (it's a  free SMS)

(Make sure you use lowercase letters when sending the me2u request)

  1. You'll receive a text reply requesting your Optus Zoo password

(If you don't have an Optus Zoo password or you have forgotten it, click here)

  1. Reply with # followed by your Optus Zoo password. e.g. #mypassword

  2. You'll receive a second text requesting the amount you'd like to transfer and the mobile number to transfer it to

  3. Reply with # (followed by the mobile number you wish to transfer the credit to) and # (the amount to transfer in whole dollars)

(E.g. To transfer $10 to the mobile number 0411 111 111 you'd enter #0411111111#10)

  1. To confirm, reply to the third text message with yes

  2. The amount will be either deducted from your credit balance or if transferring from a Postpaid service, charged to your bill

How long will it take/does it last?

  • Me2U transfers can take up to 1 hour to process
  • Me2U credit will last only as long as the receiving mobile's existing expiry date
  • Me2U transactions are not reversible
  • Learn more about Me2U here

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What is IOU & how long does it last?

IOU is a feature that allows Prepaid Mobile customers who have run out of credit to request emergency credit from Optus. It is available to Optus Prepaid Mobile customers who have recharged $10 or more in the last 6 months. 

Note: You're allowed one IOU credit, per recharge.

IOU Eligibility

My Prepaid Daily

If you're on My Prepaid Daily you're eligible for IOU when your MyCredit balance falls below $1.

My Prepaid Daily Plus (or $2 Days plans)

If you're on My Prepaid Daily Plus, you're eligible for IOU when your MyCredit balance falls below $2.

My Prepaid Ultra

You can only use IOU on My Prepaid Ultra if you're totally out of credit (for standard national calls, SMS/MMS and data), or if your credit has expired.

Other Prepaid Plans

If you're on any other Optus Prepaid Mobile plan, to use IOU you must have less than $1.50 MyCredit / credit balance.

Find out how to check your balance by clicking here.

IOU is not available on Coles Prepaid SIM plans.

How long does IOU credit last?

On our 'My Prepaid' plans, the credit is valid for up to 2 days (the credit will expire at midnight on the 2nd day).

On all other plans, the Optus IOU credit expires after 3 days (at midnight on the 3rd day).

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How do I get an IOU & how does it work?

How to get IOU

Getting an IOU is easy, simply text IOU to 468.

How IOU Works

My Prepaid Daily and Daily Plus

We'll spot you with $2 credit that you can use for up to two days. When you recharge, $2 will be subtracted from your balance.

My Prepaid Ultra

You can get an IOU for up to 10 minutes of standard national calls, 10 standard national SMS/MMS and 10MB data, all for use within Australia, for up to two days. If you've got at least $2 Extras Credit, we'll immediately deduct $2 from your Extras Credit & give you your IOU credit straight away. If you don't have enough Extras Credit, we'll deduct 10 minutes and 10MB data from your next $10 or $20 recharge or $2 Extras Credit from your next recharge of $30 or above.

Other Prepaid Plans

Get $3 IOU credit and a bit more time before you need to recharge. When you recharge with $5 or more we'll deduct the $3 from the balance. 

Note: You can only have one outstanding IOU at any time.

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