Add Extra Data: Postpaid Mobile Broadband

If you need more information about using and purchasing 'Data Blocks' take a look at these FAQs. These data blocks are no longer available on current plans.

Please note: If you're on a 'My Mobile Broadband' plan or 'My Plan for iPad' you don't need to purchase additional data manually as additional data levels become available to you automatically, when and if you exceed your plan's regular allowance. More information these plans is available here.

What are data blocks?

If you're one of older 'Data Cap' Mobile Broadband plans and exceed your monthly data allowance, you can purchase an extra 'block' of data to supplement your plan's regular data allowance until the end of the month.

How much is in an extra data block?

There are 2 options:



Included value

Maximum data value if used only during Peak times

Maximum data value if used only during Off Peak times

Data Block 10





Data Block 20





Mobile Broadband Peak time is 7am to 11:59:59pm | Off Peak time is 12am (midnight) to 6:59:59am AEST

Can I buy more than one data block?

Yes. You may purchase up to 4 data blocks during a month, in any combination.

How long does the extra data and included value last?

The extra data and included value does not 'rollover' to the next month and is only valid until the end of your current billing month.

How do I add an extra data block?

  1. Log in to My Account using your My Account username, not your service number
  2. Select your Postpaid Mobile Broadband service
  3. Click on the 'Options & Extras' tab, then go to 'Purchase Data Blocks'
  4. Select the data block and quantity then under the 'Review your total' section', click 'Continue'
  5. Follow the prompts to purchase your data block(s)
  6. A confirmation email / SMS will be sent to your nominated service
  7. Return to the 'Service summary' tab, to view your new allowance