Mobile Phone, Mobile Broadband & Shared Data Usage Alerts: FAQs

To help you keep track of your Postpaid / Prepaid Mobile Phone & Mobile Broadband usage, we'll send free usage alerts via SMS or e-mail. If you're on a Mobile Broadband plan that doesn't share its data usage, click here for more info on how these usage alerts work.

Postpaid Mobile Phone & Mobile Broadband

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Usage alerts may be delayed by up to 48 hours or longer in some instances for usage outside of Australia.

How do they work?

Optus usage alerts are a handy little addition to your mobile plan that help you keep on top of your talk and data usage each month. We automatically send you an SMS or e-mail reminder whenever you've reached 50%, 85% and 100% of your monthly plan inclusions.

Some of our My Plan Plus plans now include minutes to selected International countries, so if you are on one of these plans you'll also get usage alerts for these inclusions too. Want to know more about our latest plans? Head over to our My Plan Plus page!

If you have data sharing then all services on a My Plan Plus / My Plan Business (including SIM-Only) / My Mobile Broadband Plus / Mobile Broadband Business (on the same account) will receive usage alerts based on the whole data pool's usage.

Keep in mind that usage alerts don't include calls / messages that are not included in your plan or for usage outside of Australia (including purchased Optus Travel™ Packs). Instead, we'll send you an alert once you've reached $50 (ex GST).

If you're travelling overseas, we will send you an alert for every $100 of estimated spend while roaming.

Usage alerts may be delayed by up to 48 hours or longer in some instances for usage outside of Australia.

What happens after I reach 100%?

My Plan Plus / My Plan Business Plans

You'll be charged automatically for the extra minutes or data and we'll send additional alerts when you've used 85% and 100% of your extra minutes and data.

Other Mobile Phone Plans

You'll be charged your plan's regular rates. To find out what they are, check out your Critical Information Summary (CIS) here.

Other Mobile Broadband Plans

You'll be automatically charged for the extra data and receive additional alerts when you've used 85% and 100% of your extra data.

When are they sent?

Postpaid usage alerts are sent out 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Alerts are not generated in real-time and a delay of up to 48 hours may be experienced.

Can I opt out of usage alerts?

Yes, you can opt-out of receiving SMS or e-mail usage alerts for your Postpaid service by going to: My Account. Check out the steps below.

How do I setup custom alerts for my plan?

To help keep track of usage from the Data Pool, you can set up custom alerts for your mobile phone and mobile broadband services on the same billing account.

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  1. Log in with your My Account username, not your service or phone number
  2. Follow steps A & B as shown in the image below

    Image showing navigation to service listing

  3. Select the service you want to view and follow steps A, B & C

    Image showing navigation to 'Manage Add-Ons' settings tab


  4. Click on the 'Usage Alerts' option. In the 'Usage Alerts' screen you can turn on / off usage alerts

    Image showing usage alerts settings

  5. Scroll down and click on the 'Soft Quota' option. In the 'Soft Quota' screen you can add, remove or edit custom alerts. Custom Alerts can take between 15 min to 4 hours to activate

Image showing usage custom alert configuration screen

My Prepaid Plans

What alerts will I get?

We'll send you an alert via SMS to give you a heads up about how you're tracking. We'll let you know if you're running low on credit, and on My Prepaid Daily and My Prepaid Daily Plus we'll also let you know if we've bumped you up for the day.

When are they sent? 

Usage alerts are triggered at different intervals and are sent in real time, although delays may occur from time to time.

Can I opt out?

If you're on a My Prepaid DailyMy Prepaid Daily Plus or My Prepaid Ultra plan, you are NOT able to opt out of usage alerts.

Can I opt-out from the low-balance warning message?

Unfortunately, you cannot, but you can set up Auto-Recharge so your service is topped up once the account reaches the low balance level.