Setup Email On Your Mobile/Tablet

Setting up email on your mobile device is simple using our animated guides. It's our 'one-stop shop' dedicated to setting up all types of email accounts with all types of mobile phones, tablets and much more.

How do I setup OptusNet email on my mobile phone / tablet?

Check out our Device Manuals with animated, personalised instructions and settings for all types of email accounts and mobile devices.

Will I be charged to set up my email using the Device Manuals?

No! We won't charge you to set up your email. However, once email has been set up on your mobile, you’ll incur data usage charges when you send or receive emails using your mobile.

Which email accounts can I setup using the Device Manuals?

It supports most POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) email providers including Yahoo!7 Mail, Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Hotmail and/or OptusNet and other ISP's email services.

When can I start using email?

As long as the internet has been added on your service, you can start sending or receiving email as soon as your handset has been set up with the email settings located in device manuals.