Stop Unwelcome or Nuisance Calls & Messages

An unwelcome call is any type of call that you consider to be unwanted and can include:

  • Hang up calls
  • Silence
  • Hoax calls
  • Obscene, abusive or malicious calls
  • Reverse charge calls including '1800 Reverse'
  • SMS or MMS Messages
  • Operator assisted calls where the caller uses an operator to call your phone
  • Electronic tones made by fax or modem equipment
  • Calls by predictive dialling equipment used by telemarketing companies to randomly dial numbers

There are a number of ways we can help you manage this nuisance:

Unwanted telemarketing calls, faxes or messages

To avoid receiving calls or faxes from unsolicited companies/sources, add your phone numbers to the Australian Government’s Do Not Call Register.

You can unsubscribe or opt-out of Optus marketing via this form. Please note it can take up to 30 calendar days for your details to be removed from our systems.

Threatening phone calls

If you’re receiving harassing calls that are life threatening, contact the police immediately. They will contact Optus if they need further information.

Unwelcome or nuisance calls

To manage unwelcome or nuisance calls & messages, you have the following options:

Change to a silent/unlisted number

For Fixed Line Phone numbers

Call us on 133 937 to confirm or request that your existing phone number is changed to listed or unlisted (silent)

For Mobile Phone numbers

You can check or change your Mobile number's listing status in My Account.

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How to check or change your Mobile Phone listing in My Account

  1. Log in with your My Account username, not your phone number
  2. Follow steps A & B as shown in the image below

    Image showing navigation to service listing

  3. Select your Mobile Phone service then click its 'Settings' tab

    Image showing navigation to settings tab

  4. In the 'Settings' tab, next to 'Call Diversion & Settings': Click 'Setup'
    Image showing Call Diversions & Settings option
  5. Next to 'Directory Listing'. You will see your current listing status as either 'Off' or 'On' (Off = Unlisted)
  6. To alter the setting, click the 'Change' button
  7. Follow the prompts and click 'OK' to submit your request

Change your phone number

To discuss changing your number due to harassing or nuisance calls & messages call 133 937. Please note, charges apply.

Trace unwelcome calls or messages

To request an unwelcome call / message trace, contact us with the following information:

  • Specific times and dates of 3 or more unwelcome calls/messages that were received over a 2 to 5 day period; that are not more than 4 weeks old; or
  • Specific times and dates of unwelcome calls/messages received at exactly the same time of day on the same day of the week over 3 or 4 consecutive weeks; or
  • Where excessive calls/messages have been received in 1 day, a minimum of 10 specific dates and times of calls received within a 24 hour period
  • If calls do not meet this criteria you can report the matter to the police and if necessary they will contact us to investigate.

Important: For Optus to take action, dates and times provided must be accurate (to the nearest minute)

What happens next?

Any action taken by Optus is under strict guidelines that are available in The Communications Alliance Industry Code

First stage

If a successful trace is completed then a warning letter is sent to the owner of the offending number advising them that what they're doing is an offence, the letter requests them to stop. The owner of the offending number has 14 days to comply with this request.

Second stage

If the calls / messages continue after a further 14 days, call us on 133 937 and report more dates and times. If this trace is successful a second warning letter is sent. The owner of the offending number has a further 14 days to comply with the request.

Third stage

If the calls/ messages continue after another 14 days, call us on 133 937 and report more dates and times. If this trace is successful, a third and final warning letter is sent and at this point the offending phone number can be suspended or cancelled, regardless if the number is with another service provider or with Optus.

Please note:

  • Times and dates may not be more than 4 weeks old. If you cannot provide the above then a trace cannot be conducted
  • Optus can trace calls/messages from overseas/payphones, but unfortunately no action other than changing your number can be taken.
  • Unfortunately Optus cannot block an individual number from calling or messaging you.
  • Optus can only release information regarding the number calling or messaging you to the Police or if we receive a subpoena from the courts.
  • The release of information is controlled by the Communications Alliance Industry code. The code can be viewed here.
  • More information regarding Optus' privacy policy can be viewed here