How to Check Current & Planned Mobile Coverage

Need to check if a location, suburb or landmark has coverage or want to know what to expect from a new device when it comes to Mobile reception? Visit our coverage site and take a look at the topics covered below.

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Experiencing a coverage issue?

How do I check mobile network coverage?

Click here to view our coverage maps

  1. Click the button above to view our full coverage maps or click the "check coverage" button available throughout the online shop
  2. Make sure the "coverage" button is selected at the top-right of the screen (A - image below) and then select the type of device that you have (B - image below)


    Image showing Optus Mobile Network Coverage web page.

  3. If your address is not shown, enter the details at the top of the map (A - Image below) and Confirm your device (B - Image below)

    how to enter details

  4. A coverage summary will appear on screen (detailed in the next topic), showing the experience you might expect at that location
  5. A map key located at the bottom right hand corner of the map can also be used to identify the type of network coverage predicted at the searched address/location.

    How to view the Coverage Key


What's the difference between outdoor & indoor coverage?

Some of our network frequencies are better than others at providing a stronger indoor signal, so where these frequencies are in use, indoor coverage will generally be better. To understand the different frequencies that we use, see this article.

Keep in mind that indoor coverage can also vary with the type of device you're using and your location within a building. Typically though, if the map indicates:

  • Good outdoor coverage: Your signal should be strong in the great outdoors
  • Good indoor coverage: You should get a strong signal both outside and inside the building at that location


Expected Coverage

What does 'indoor' actually mean?

Indoor means large rooms and unenclosed areas inside most buildings. Basements, lift wells, enclosed rooms or rooms with no windows, etc. may not experience the same level of coverage than other areas of the same building.

Can I check mobile coverage before I purchase a device?

Yes! When checking out a phone or tablet in our online shop simply click the yellow 'check coverage' button to get an overlaid map right there on the same screen.

How do I know if my mobile device can use 3G or 4G?

Select the device, find an area / address on the map and then simply expand the map key options on the bottom right to understand the type of coverage.

To find out more about the differences between 3G and 4G, see this article.

Can I see planned coverage improvements?

You sure can! Once you've entered an address at the top of the map, just tick an option at the bottom of the map (as shown below) to see how coverage is expected to look in 3 or 6 month's time for that area.

Image showing example of future coverage map detail

Can I check if there are any outages/network problems?

You sure can! To check for a problem with Optus’ Network & Service in your area refer to this article for more info.

Why is my experience different to what's shown on the maps?

We do our best to keep our maps as accurate and up-to-date as possible with monthly updates from several sources. We also use 'real world' reporting measures to complete the picture, remember though coverage can be affected by a number of different things, including;

  • Mobile device compatibility. Some (usually older) devices can only pick certain types of network coverage
  • Mobile network traffic. The amount of people using the network at any one time can impact on network performance and reach
  • The functions and features you are trying to use or the websites you're visiting
  • Your immediate location and environment. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, underground, high up or in a valley, etc.
  • Outages and disruptions on the network

Please let us know!

If you're unhappy with your network experience give our troubleshooting articles a try or report it to mobile technical support on 13 13 44 (Open 24/7)