How to Add or Remove Caller ID: Mobile Phone

Caller ID allows you to see the phone number of an incoming call. You can activate / deactivate mobile Caller ID through My Account. For more information on this feature check out the FAQs below.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for Mobile Phone Caller ID.

What will Mobile Caller ID show me?

Caller ID will display the caller's full national phone or mobile number on your handset, unless the call originates from:

  • Overseas (Unless the country uses the same ID technology)
  • A payphone
  • A blocked or silent number
  • Some 'unserviced' areas in Australia.

If the call originates from one of the above, your handset will display either:

  • 'Unavailable' - these are generally calls coming from unserviced areas within Australia or from overseas.
  • 'Private'- these are generally calls that have been blocked by the caller or originate from an unlisted (silent) number.

How to turn Mobile Phone Caller ID on or off

Caller ID is normally active by default, unless you've requested for it to be switched off. You can check or change your Caller ID setting in My Account, steps are available below.

How to check or change your Mobile Phone Caller ID status in My Account

To check or change your Mobile Phone Caller ID status, log into My Account.

Checking the status of Caller ID

To check if your number is being displayed to others, dial 1300 554 536 from your handset. Normal calling charges apply to dial this number.

How to block / show Caller ID for outgoing calls

See this article for details.

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