How to Get Your IMEI Number

IMEI or 'International Mobile Equipment Identity' is a unique 15-digit number assigned to all cellular devices. We can use this number to block a mobile phone from being used by another person or phone company if it has been lost or stolen.

Find Your IMEI

On screen

  1. Press * # 0 6 # on your keypad,
  2. Press 'Call' or 'Send' as if making a call
  3. Your IMEI number will be retrieved and displayed on your screen

Inside your device  ~ excludes iPhone/iPad

  1. IMEI numbers are printed within the battery cavity on most devices.
  2. Power down your device and ensure it's disconnected from any external power supply
  3. Remove your battery
  4. Locate your 15 digit IMEI number

On your device's packaging

  1. IMEI numbers are printed on the original packaging of your device.
  2. Check the base and sides for your 15 digit IMEI number

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