Check An Address For Optus Fixed Broadband / Phone Services

This article provides info on how to check if and the type of Optus Broadband or Fixed Line Phone available at a particular address.

You can also learn more about our Broadband network, the Optus NBN rollout and view our serviceable regions via these coverage maps.

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Important information

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 How to check an address

  1. To start the test, click here.
  2. In the new screen, enter an address or active phone number. Here's an example of how best to format the address: Unit 10 23 Sample Avenue, Exampletown, EG, 8998. Include commas to separate sections of the address.
    Image showing serviceability checker
  3. The search is more accurate if an active phone number (including area code) at the address is entered into the field as shown in the example above, however a phone number is not mandatory.
  4. Click 'Check'
  5. After a moment 1 of 3 possible results will display, for an explanation of results click the appropriate link below.

Successful results

A successful result will indicate the presence of either the Optus Cable Network, Optus NBN, Optus NBN Cable or the Optus Direct Network near to the address as shown in the example below. The key differences between the 3 networks are explained below.

Image showing 3 possible successful results

Optus Cable  vs. Optus NBN vs. Optus NBN Cable vs. Optus Direct

The primary difference between our NBN, Cable and the Direct services is the technology used to deliver a Fixed Line Phone or Fixed Line Broadband service and the equipment required at the premises to use the service.

  • The Optus NBN network uses a hybrid of fibre, copper and other technologies to deliver Fixed Phone & NBN Broadband. The NBN network is currently being rolled out across the country. Find out more about Optus NBN here
  • The Optus Cable network uses a hybrid of fibre and coaxial cabling to deliver Fixed Phone, Cable Broadband and Optus TV feat. Foxtel to serviceable addresses. The Optus Cable network is only available in selected metropolitan areas of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
  • The Optus NBN Cable network uses new and existing Optus Cable connectivity using hybrid of fibre and coaxial cabling to deliver Fixed Phone, Cable Broadband and Optus TV feat. Foxtel to serviceable addresses. It is expected to be used to connect approximately 30% of Australian premises
  • The Optus Direct network uses traditional telephone copper wiring to provide Fixed Phone & ADSL 2+ Broadband services connected to dedicated Optus equipment at your local telephone exchange. The Optus Direct Network is available to selected areas in most parts of the country
  • Aside from these differences, the pricing and plans available across these networks are largely the same

Be sure to read this important information about serviceability results

Unsuccessful results

If the result indicates that an address is not serviceable by Optus, a message similar to that shown below will be displayed. Try these troubleshooting tips and click 'Change address' if you want to try again.

Image showing address not serviceable

If the address is confirmed as unserviceable, it may be possible for Optus to offer another solution, eg. a Mobile Broadband service.

For further information on what we can offer, contact us on 1800 780 219. We're available Mon - Fri between 8am to 9pm or Saturdays 9am to 7pm excluding public holidays.

Address can't be confirmed

If the address can't be confirmed a message similar to that shown below will be returned. This means the checker needs more information about the address.


To start, select from the new options shown in the example below.

  1. If your address is not designated as a unit or house, further address types are available by clicking 'Other' as shown in the example above.

  2. Enter the address details into the appropriate fields then click 'Check'

Still having problems?

Here are some tips:

  • Try entering 'Unit' or 'Flat' instead of 'Apartment' or 'Floor' instead of 'Level' etc.
  • Enter the main address number, to see what sub-addresses are retrieved in the results window
  • Try a nearby suburb for the address
  • Ensure the post code is correct
  • Confirm the street name/locality are correctly spelt

Contact us for a detailed serviceability check on 1800 780 219. We're available Mon - Fri between 8am to 9pm or Saturdays 9am to 7pm. Excluding public holidays.

Important information

About serviceability results

Serviceability results are an indication, not a guarantee that a connection can proceed. For technical and commercial reasons not all premises can be connected to all Optus services.

If you wish to proceed with a connection of a service to the address, further checks will be conducted by us to confirm if the requested service is available at the address.

If you're moving house and need to relocate existing Optus services...

You may perform the serviceability test using the steps in this article, however, please request a relocation using the steps in this article.

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