My Account & Member Services: Eligibility & Benefits

To get a greater understanding of the difference between My Account & Member Services, including their online functions, availability and benefits, take a look at this article.

To register for My Account, click here.

Where do I log in?

Click a button!

What can I do online?

You can do lots of things online depending on the services you have linked up to My Account or Member Services. Here are just some of the benefits!

  • View, print and pay your bills online
  • Recharge or change your Prepaid plan
  • Check your balance & schedule payments
  • Setup, edit or remove direct debit, stored credit cards
  • Check unbilled / current usage (eligible services only)
  • Check your usage and billing history (eligible services only)
  • View your plan information, bill period and mobile contract details
  • Change your mailing address
  • Add, edit or remove features like international roaming, voicemail or usage alerts
  • Add, edit or remove OptusNet email accounts
  • And much much more...

Which do I use?

My Account is available with...

Personal Prepaid or Postpaid (Billed) services that have a 14 digit account number starting with an 8 or 9 and Cable Broadband accounts with a 10 or 14 digit account number. In short, this covers most of these services:

  • Mobile Phone
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Home / Office Phone on the Optus Direct & Optus NBN Networks
  • Home / Office Broadband on the Optus Direct (ADSL 2+), Optus Cable & Optus NBN Networks

Member Services is available with...

The following personal services with a 14 digit account number that starts with a 2, 5, 6 or 7 or Optus TV with Foxtel accounts with a 10 digit account number, these can include the following service types:

Please note: Aside from Cable Broadband services, live usage is not available for Cable Services or Resale services

  • Home Phone on the Optus Resale or Optus Cable Network
  • Home Broadband on the Optus Resale Network (ADSL 1)
  • Fetch
  • Optus TV feat. Foxtel
  • Dial Up internet services

A note for Optus Cable customers

To make things a little easier for our standalone Cable Broadband & bundled customers, we've introduced existing Member Services billing & account management functions into My Account. So you won't need to use both Member Services and My Account to view both your Mobile Phone and Cable Broadband bills.

There are some differences with Cable Services within My Account.

The Optus Cable Network (i.e. Cable Home Phone, Optus TV feat. Foxtel and or Cable Broadband) uses a different billing system to most of our other services. So some functions within My Account will operate a bit differently to your other services in My Account, including:

  • Live or unbilled usage is limited to Cable Broadband usage only
  • Adding, changing or removing direct debit can only be requested via a form
  • Payment history is available only for payments made via
  • Online bill summaries and balances won't show in the My Account dashboard but can be seen by downloading your full bill as a PDF from My Account

How do I know if I have a Cable service?

The easiest way to tell is by checking your account number(s)

  • Cable Broadband services: These bills have 10 digit account numbers
  • Bundled Cable Broadband services: These bills have account numbers that begin with a 1 and are 14 digits long.