How to Upgrade Your Postpaid Phone / Tablet

Upgrading your Optus Mobile Phone / Tablet is quick and easy. Just check out the article below...

How do I check if I'm eligible to upgrade?

Checking your upgrade eligibility is easy! Simply log in to your My Account to find out how long you have left on your contract.

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How do I upgrade?

If you're eligible / have completed your contract

Follow the steps below to go shopping!

  1. Go to the Optus Online Shop, and look for a new phone / tablet.

  2. Choose the Upgrade option next to the device / plan you'd like. (Log in to My Account to save you time)

  3. Select from our range of Optional extras

  4. Be sure to select Keep my existing number if the option is presented

  5. Enter your Delivery details. Be sure to enter the correct delivery address as it cannot be changed once your order is submitted

  6. Check your Cart, Delivery details and then Submit your order

  7. Receive and activate your new SIM card / device

If you're ineligible / still within contract

If you're still in contract on the latest version of My Plan Plus / Business or My Mobile Broadband / Business and your 12 months into your 24 month contract, you may be eligible for 'trade up'. Refer to the details below.

If you're ineligible to upgrade / trade up but still wish to purchase a new device you may incur an early termination fee, change of rate plan and/ or equipment pay out fee. 

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What is Trade Up?

If you're still in contract on the latest version of My Plan Plus / Business or My Mobile Broadband Plus / Business and you signed up after 11 March 2016, after 12 months you have the option to trade up for $99 and change your current device for a brand new, shiny one!.  You just need to sign up on a new 24 month plan!  

How does trade up work for a Mobile Phone?

After 12 months of your 24 month contract on the latest version of My Plan Plus / Business, you have the option to get a new phone. Click here for more info on New Phone Trade Up.

How does trade up work for Mobile Broadband?

As long as you’re on the latest version of the $35 My Mobile Broadband or higher on a 24 month plan, you have the option to trade up. This means, after 12 months of your 24 month contract, you have the option to get a new device.  Click here for the low down on New Tablet Trade Up.

How do I trade up and what will it cost me?

It all depends on how you want to trade up. Check out your options below:

You can choose to keep your current device and get a new one.  After 12 months, you’ll just have to pay out the remaining cost of your current phone / tablet (including any amount we were going to cover). You can then recontract onto a new 24 month plan with a new device. Just recontract using My Account, or give our Recontract Team a call. As a heads up, after recontracting, your device and plan repayments may be different.

After 12 months, if you want to swap your device for a new one, there is a one-off fee of $99. If this sounds like a plan, just pop into an Optus store so we can confirm your current device is in good working order. You can then recontract on the spot onto a new 24 month plan and leave with a new phone / tablet of your choice.

Is my phone / tablet in good working order?

We know that a little wear and tear is normal. So long as your handset functions normally and meets the following criteria, you’re good to go:

  • Turns on and off
  • The touchscreen is fully functional with no imperfections (e.g. lines or marks)
  • Has no missing buttons or damage to other components (e.g. charging port, SIM tray etc.)
  • Has no cracks or severe scratches (including the touchscreen)
  • You’ve disabled any locking features (e.g. Find my iPhone on iOS)

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What should I do before I trade up?

We all know how upsetting it can be to lose those beloved photos and contacts so, before you trade up, remember back up your device. If you’re not sure how to do this, and need more information, just click on your device type:

Once you’ve got a backup, make sure you remove your SIM card and memory card and delete any personal information from your device.

For Apple devices, you’ll have to disable the Find My iPhone feature before you trade up.

  1. Turn on your device

  2. Choose Settings

  3. Select iCloud

  4. Tap and turn off Find my iPhone

  5. Enter your Apple ID and password and select Turn off

If you’re still unsure, have a chat to Apple Support here.

For any other devices, make sure any locking features have been disabled before visiting an Optus store to trade up. These settings can lock your phone / tablet remotely if you lose it, so if you are not sure how to do this, just check the user guide for your device.

Note: You only need to bring your device in-store. Yes, that means you get to keep your accessories.  Bonus!  If you're looking for more info on what rate plan is right for you, we've put together some usage guides to help you make the right choice.  

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