Fixed Phone Plans & How to Change

We've got a great range of Fixed Phone plans to suit your needs and budget. To find out what's available, check out the info below.

How to change your Fixed Phone Plan

If you’re on an older Fixed Phone plan, you may change your plan by clicking on the button below.

Click here if you'd like us to change your existing home phone plan or call us on 133 937

If you want a new Optus service, click on the button below.

Click here if you'd like to add or get a new home phone connection with us.

If your service is on our Resale network, you may not be able to change your plan via the online form. Feel free to give us a call on 133 937.

See our new Fixed Phone or Fixed Broadband Plans

If you already have a Fixed Phone plan with us, feel free to have a look at our other in market plans, just remember you can change your plan via our online form.

Just Fixed Phone Fixed Phone + Broadband Plans
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Fixed Plans for Business
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What plan is right for me?

We have plan usage guides to help you decide. Simply click the Phone Usage Guide tab in the page that opens.

How long will it take?

Your request will take affect from your next monthly bill.

Are these plans available to all customers?

These plans are available to Personal or Small Business customers connected to the Optus Cable, NBN or Direct Networks. If you're unsure, simply give us a call on and we'll take you through the options available to you.

Can I change to these plans, even if I'm still in contract?

Yes! You can change from an older plan to any of our new Fixed Plans.  For more information on terms and conditions, click here.

What happens if I move?

If you relocate with us; you may keep your existing plan and there are no changes to any existing contract you may have OR you may change to the new Fixed Plans.  An $80 Relocation Fee may apply.

Can I change back to my previous plan?

You can only change to plans that are currently available. If you've changed from a plan that is no longer available then you will not be able to return to your old plan.

Want to change your Fixed Broadband plan as well?

Check out the bundle links at the top of this article or click here for more information.