International Roaming: How to Add, Remove & Use

Need to find out how to turn international roaming off or on? How to access your voicemail, check your balance or simply make a call when roaming?

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How to add/remove international roaming

If you're still in Australia

These options are available 24/7 and free to use in Australia

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Activating / deactivating international roaming in My Account

  1. Log in with your My Account username, not your phone number
  2. Follow steps A & B as shown in the image below

    Image showing navigation to service listing

  3. Select your Mobile Phone or Mobile Broadband service then click its 'Settings' tab

    Image showing navigation to settings tab

  4. In the 'Settings tab', scroll to the roaming function (Postpaid example below). For Prepaid Services you need to click 'Setup' to see your current status. Then click the button to switch roaming On or Off.

Image showing roaming activation/deactivation button

If you're already Overseas

These options are available 24/7 (International rates/roaming charges can apply)

  • Online: Use My Account via Wi-Fi. Steps above
  • SMS: Text the number 7 (seven) to 9999 ~ Postpaid only
  • Call: +61 2 8082 5678 from an alternate phone service

Next steps

  1. International roaming will activate/deactivate within 15 min to 4 hours (max is 12 hours)
  2. We will send you an SMS to confirm your roaming status
  3. After this time switch your device off then on again to update your roaming access
  4. If your device doesn't auto-select one of our roaming partners, you can manually select a network in its 'Settings' menu. 

How to make or receive calls/messages while roaming

To send messages or call from your roaming mobile to...

  • A number within the country you're visiting: Enter the area code then the number (ie. using the country's national format)
  • A number anywhere else, including back to Australia: You need to enter the number in full international format (eg. + 61 3 9123 4567)

To receive messages or calls on your roaming mobile from...

  • A number in Australia: The caller only needs to enter your number as if you were still in Australia (eg. 0411 222 333)
  • A number anywhere else, including the country you're in; The caller must enter your number using international format (eg. + 61 411 222 333)

Country codes and further examples are available in this article.

How to access voicemail from your roaming mobile

For step by step instructions on accessing your home or mobile phone voicemail from overseas, click here.

How to check your balance, pay your bill or recharge while roaming

Your best bet is to use Wi-Fi and our online options or SMS, where available.

How do I contact Optus from overseas

Dial +61 2 8082 5678 - Calls from an Optus Roaming Mobile Phone to this number are free.

  • General & Billing Enquiries are open: Monday to Friday: 8am - 7pm (AEST) / Saturday: 9am - 5pm (AEST)
  • Technical Support/Faults are open: 24/7

You can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter & the Yes Crowd Forums.

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