How to Check Your Mobile Broadband Usage

You've got heaps of options to view your Mobile Broadband / iPad / Tablet data usage.  

Check them out below: 

On a Shared Data Plan?

If you need help checking your shared data usage, see this article for help.

Check usage via My Account

To check your current Mobile Broadband monthly or daily internet usage log in to My Account.

Note: If you can't see your Mobile Broadband service you may need to link it to your My Account profile.

Check usage via My Optus app (Tablets)

Check usage on your tablet with the My Optus app for tablets.  Simply, open the app and your usage will be available.

Check usage via SMS 

This option is only available for SMS capable devices.  

  • Use the Optus SMS Menu to text the number 2 to 9999 from your Optus Mobile Broadband Application.  

How often is the usage meter updated?

Mobile Broadband usage is updated approximately every 12 to 24 hours. The time and date of the last update is shown within the usage page. Occasionally a network event may cause delays to the update period.

Please note: The internet usage meter should only be used as a guide as it may not always reflect actual usage due to network delays. Your exact usage will be detailed on your monthly bill.

Why can't I see my usage?

If you can't see your service

Your usage information can take up 24-48 hours to show, if: