Understanding Your Bill & Usage

Has the look of your bill recently changed?
Your bill has had a make over. To make things easier, we've made a few important and exciting changes, including the look and feel! Get all the information you need by checking out this page.

Otherwise, check out the article below which provides links to detailed information on Optus bills and viewing your usage.

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Mobile Phone Bills

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My bill is for a...

Image features a new service bill and a bill where a plan has been changed

If you're not on a My Plan or My Plan Plus and need detailed help with your mobile bill, try this article on for size.

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Mobile & Fixed Broadband (Includes NBN) Bills

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Image features a mobile, fixed & standalone cable bill

Fixed Phone & Optus TV feat. Foxtel Bills

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Image features a home account & an optus TV with Foxtel bill

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Further usage & billing help

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All Product Types

Mobile Phone Billing & Usage

Broadband Billing & Usage

Fixed Phone Billing & Usage