Understanding Your Optus Bill & Usage

This article provides links to detailed information on Optus bills and to viewing your usage.

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Mobile Phone Bills

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My bill is for a...

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If you're not on a My Plan or My Plan Plus and need detailed help with your mobile bill, try this article on for size.

Mobile Phone Video Bills

If you've recently changed your plan or recontracted with us, Video Bill can help you in understanding your bill.

Accounts eligible for a Video Bill will be notified either via SMS or e-mail - depending on the My Account notification preference. This can be found under 'My Profile'>'My Contact Details'. Click here to change your notification preference.

These notifications will include a personalised URL to allow access to a landing page with the following options:

  • Watch the Video Bill
  • Setup Direct Debit
  • Log In / Setup My Account
  • Access the Yes Crowd Forums
  • Live Chat

No My Account? No problem! Click here for help.

Click for help with new My Plan billClick for help if you've changed to a new My Plan bill

Mobile & Fixed Broadband (Includes NBN) Bills

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Fixed Phone & Optus TV feat. Foxtel Bills

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Click for help with your Home Phone BillClick for help with your Optus TV feat. Foxtel Bill

Further usage & billing help

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All Product Types

Mobile Phone Billing & Usage

Broadband Billing & Usage

Fixed Phone Billing & Usage