How to View Your Online Bills or Get Reprints

If you have an eligible service you can view and print up to 7 years worth of bills in My Account or Member Services. The total GST paid is shown as a separate item on the first page of each bill.

For information on tax refund eligibility please consult your registered tax advisor. Want to switch paper billing off/on? Click here.

How to view / print detailed bills: My Account

To view and print a bill, log in to My Account.

How to view / print tax invoices: Member Services

To view and print a tax invoice or bill, log in to Member Services and follow the steps shown via the button below.

Click to log in
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How to view & print a bill using Member Services

  1. Log in to Member Services

  2. From the menu on the left: Select the account type you want view, then click Manage Online Bills > View Bills

    Image showing Menu selections in Member Services

  3. In the main pane: Select your account number and scroll down to the table of your bills

    Image showing location of account selection and bill download links in Member Services

  4. Select and click on the bill's Red PDF icon. The selected bill will launch within your PDF Reader application for viewing, saving or printing
    You can then save the bill onto your computer by selecting File > Save As...

To print a bill

  1. Follow the steps above to download and save the bill to your computer.

  2. Open the saved bill and click the Print icon in your PDF Reader application

Need to view or print an older bill?

  1. Scroll to the base of the page and click View more bills

  2. In the new screen scroll to and locate the bill you want

  3. You can view/save & print up to 7 years worth of bills using Member Services

How to view / download tax invoices: My Optus App (for Mobile services only)

To view and download a tax invoice or bill, follow the steps shown via the button below.

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How to view & download a bill using My Optus App 

  1. Go to the Billing screen in My Optus app

  2. Tap on the Download PDF link to download the bill

    Download bill image 1

  3. You will be directed to a login screen. Enter your Optus My Account details

  • For an Android app, you may have to give permission to download the PDF
  • For an iOS app, the download is automatic


Where is GST shown on my bill?

Mobile, Home Phone, NBN, DSL & Mobile Broadband Bills

  • GST for charges on the bill are displayed on the first page, as shown in the image below

Image showing location of GST on a bill's first page

Cable Broadband or Optus TV feat. Foxtel Bills

  • GST for charges on these bills are displayed on the first page, as shown in the image below

Image showing location of GST debits and credits on Cable Bills

I can't see or download my bills...

Here are some common reasons why your bills may not be visible:

  • If you've just registered or linked a service; your bills, bill history and account options can take up to 48 hours to become fully visible from initial registration/linking

  • Check your usage period, your bill will become available 24 hours after your usage period ends and is usually issued on the same date each month

  • Is the bill for a service, that's eligible for online billing?

  • Do you have the software needed to view your bills? Your bills are presented in PDF format, so if you use...

    You need Adobe PDF Reader to view, save or print your PDF formatted bills. You can download this software for free at

    Mac OS-X
    You can save, view and print your PDF formatted bills via the built-in 'Preview' application or you can download the Macintosh version of Adobe Reader from

Do I use My Account or Member Services?

This depends on the type of services you have. For assistance with online billing, eligibility and functions, check out this article.