Dropouts: DSL Internet Troubleshooting

If you're experiencing dropouts with your broadband connection the following troubleshooting steps may help identify the problem.

Before you begin...

If your broadband service allows or using an alternative internet connection (eg. mobile/tablet), see if there's a known network outage or fault in your area that's the cause of the problem.

  1. Go to www.optus.com.au/networkstatus

  2. In the Optus Network Status page, enter your suburb or town name

  3. Press Search

If we've posted a known issue (that relates to this problem) continue to monitor the service status for a resolution or further updates. If you suspect that the issue is only partially caused by the related problem or that it extends beyond the estimated time for rectification, you can continue to troubleshoot your service below

If there is no listed problem related to this issue, continue troubleshooting below

Check if the dropouts are caused by any of the programs you are operating on your computer.  Completely exit or disable any program, either running or open in the background, (eg. Peer to Peer, File Sharing or Social Networking programs).  Then reconnect to the internet. 

Does this stop the dropouts?

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