Slow Speeds/Dropouts: Mobile Internet Troubleshooting

The following troubleshooting steps will help to solve the most common mobile internet browsing or connection difficulties.

If we're unable to solve your problem, the guide will lead you to contact details for our Mobile Technical Support team, who are available to help 24/7.

Before you start...

This guide assumes the following:

1. You're accessing this troubleshooting guide from another internet enabled device
2. You're in an Optus 3G / 4G* coverage area. You can confirm here
3. Your device is compatible with Optus 3G and/or 4G* coverage
4. You've successfully accessed 3G and/or 4G* coverage at your present location, before (unless roaming)
5. You've checked for a known problem with the Optus Network in your area. You can check here

*To access 4G you must be on a dedicated Optus 4G plan.

When testing, please...

- Switch off bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi on your device
- Use your device's status bar, and;
- Use your device's default/native browser (eg. Chrome for Android, Safari for iPhone etc.) and;
- At least two well known websites (eg.,, etc)
- Avoid using third party applications to test your internet connection/speed

Get started...