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Complaints & Compliments

Optus aims to lead Australia in delivering outstanding customer experience. If you have not received the support you expect we want you to let us know so we can get it right.

Here's how you can let us know

By Phone

  • Call 133 937 (All services)

By Teletypewriter (TTY)

  • Mobile/Wireless customers please call: 1800 123 124
  • Fixed Phone, Internet and Optus TV customers please call 1800 500 002
  • Please note that the emergency TTY number is 106

Our Opening Hours (Local Time)

  • General Enquiries & Billing (All services)
    8am – 7pm (Mon – Fri)
    9am – 5pm (Sat)
  • Technical Support & Faults (All services)
    Open 24/7, 365 days per year

In Person

In Writing

You can forward your correspondence to:

Customer Relations Group
PO Box 306
SA 5106

You can also send us an email.

How we resolve complaints

By phone: The quickest way to resolve your complaint is by speaking with one of our consultants. If they are unable to solve your problem, a manager will take responsibility to resolve your concerns.

By email or letter: We will respond to your complaint as soon as possible and provide you with an indication of how long it will take to resolve.

We aim to resolve all customer complaints within 10 working days. Click to download our complaint handling policy.

What we do if you want your complaint investigated further

If our consultants or managers are not able to resolve your concerns, we will refer your complaint to our Customer Relations Group. We will provide you with a complaint reference number and within 48 hours your complaint will be allocated to a dedicated Customer Relations Case Manager. Your Case Manager will provide you with their direct contact details.

If you are not satisfied with our review of your complaint, or with the way in which we have handled the complaint, you can ask the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) to assist, after you have spoken with us.

To lodge a complaint with the TIO you can call 1800 062 058 (1800 675 692 from a TTY Teletypewriter handset) or write to: TIO PO Box 276 Collins Street West Melbourne VIC 8007


We appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback. We use the feedback to recognise and reward our top performers. Please call 133 937 or write to us at the address above.

Other Enquiries

Marketing Communication Opt Out

If you only want to receive communications that are account related or legally required, you may request not to receive other communications (ie. you may “opt out”). 

If you wish to make a request to opt-out, you can do so at any time by submitting a Marketing Opt Out request online or if you're not an Optus customer by calling us on 133 937.

Optus Special Assistance Service

Call us on 133 937 if you're an Optus customer with a medically certified life-threatening condition and you require an Optus service fault to be fixed as a priority. Find out more about our Optus Special Assistance Service.


  • Information on Voicemail Upgrade  


      It’s a voicemail revolution

      On the 15th November we’re launching our new and improved voicemail system for fixed line customers and on the 22nd of November for mobile customers. And so that you don’t have to, we’ll be moving your recorded greeting, name and PIN across to it.

      That said, revolutions can be messy. So make sure you check your greeting the next time you access voicemail – you might have to re-record it if it’s not right. Speaking of…

    • Get your greetings together

      Like we said, your main greeting will be moved across to the new service. But if you have any others – such as time of day or personal group greetings – you’ll need to re-record them.

      Don’t worry – it’s easy. From the 15th November, all you have to do is call voicemail, press 3 (greetings), then:

      1. Press 1 to record a new greeting

      2. Press 5 to record or edit your time of day greeting or schedule

      3. Press 7 to record a group greeting.

      Say something specific.
      Thanks to the new system, you’ll also be able to set up multiple time of day greetings – meaning you can have different voicemail recordings set for different days and times. Want to sound professional within working hours? Record something respectable. Should people know better than to call you during Neighbours? Then record something scary.

    • Listen to your old messages

      Both the heard and unheard messages you’ve received will stay behind on the old system for 28 days. You can still listen to them by pressing 4 on the new voicemail main menu, which will actually take you back to the old voicemail system. Just know that none of the old prompts will work – only messages.

    • Getting around the new system

      Here are the numbers for some of the common voicemail services you’re going to want to use.

      General commands (you can use these anytime)

      • To go back, press*

      • For help, press 0.

      From the main menu

      • To play listened-to messages, press 7

      • To play old messages, press 4

      • To record a message, press 6

      • For personal options, press 8.

      Play menu (This is the menu you hear after you listen to each message)

      • To replay, press 7

      • To save, press 5

      • To delete, press 3

      • To call them back, press 6

      • To forward the message, press 4

      Personal Options menu (this is accessed from the main menu by pressing 8)

      • To modify your personal preferences, press 4

      • To modify your message notification method, press 3

      • For group lists, press 2.

    • Pass it on to plenty

      Group Lists (also known as Distribution lists) allow you to forward voicemails on to a pre-selected group of people. So they’re super handy for work (and gossip).

      Unfortunately none of your current distribution lists will survive the move to the new system. But don’t worry – all you need to do to set up a new one is:

      • Call voicemail

      • Press 8 (personal options)

      • Press 2 (distribution list)

      • Press 2 again (create a distribution list)

      • Assign a number (between 1 and 2 digits long)

      • Record a list name (or press # to skip this step)

      • Enter the mailbox number (telephone number) or distribution list number (if you want to embed a list within a list)

      • And finally, to save the list, press #.

    • The system’s changing, but your PIN won’t

      That’s right – the PIN you know and love will be moving to the new system with you. So it should be easy to remember when you need to access voicemail from any phones that aren’t yours.

      And if you’ve forgotten your PIN, don’t stress. Here are some speedy ways to reset it.

      From your mobile

      • Call 321

      • Press 8 (user options)

      • Press 4 (setup options)

      • Press 1, then change away.

      From your home phone

      • Call *96

      • Press 8 (user options)

      • Press 4 (setup options)

      • Press 1, and change it up

      From My Account (if you have it)

      • Select ‘Required Mobile Service’ – it’s under Services

      • Click Settings

      • Click ‘Set Up’ – it’s next to the Voicemail option

      • Click the ‘Change’ button next to ‘Voicemail PIN’

      • Enter and re-enter a 4 Digit PIN

      • Lock it in by clicking OK

    • We have a welcome message, too

      When you first call into the new voicemail, we’ll play you a message reminding you that some of the prompts have changed and that old messages can be found by pressing 4. But seeing as you’ve made it through these FAQs, it’ll all be old news to you. That’s why we’ll only play it the once.

    • New to voicemail?

      Our New User Tutorial will have you up to speed in no time. It’ll guide you through setting up your PIN, name and greeting. It’s compulsory, for new voicemail users but we think you’ll find it pretty handy.