How to Use Call Return: Fixed Phone

Call Return retrieves the number of your last incoming Home or Office Phone call.

Please note this feature is already available with NBN services.

How do I use Call Return for Fixed Phone?

Just follow these steps

  1. Pick up your handset and wait for a dial tone
  2. Then Dial *69 from the handset 
  3. If available, we'll read out the phone number of your last incoming call
  4. You have the option to use the 'Call Back' feature by simply pressing '1' on your keypad (Standard calling rates apply)

Why can't I retrieve a number?

Call Return cannot retrieve phone numbers that are:

  • Silent/Unlisted
  • Coming from a pay-phone
  • Coming from overseas
  • Coming from a complex business phone system
  • Manually blocked by the caller

How do I add or remove Call Return?

Call Return is automatically activated on all Optus Home/Business Phone services by default, you do not need to request for it to be activated.

If you'd like the feature permanently switched off, give us a call on 133 937.

What does it cost?

  • Call Return has no monthly fee
  • Standard calling rates apply only if you use the Call Back feature (Press 1 to return the call)