How to Check Your Fixed Broadband Usage

To view your current Fixed Broadband usage, log into My Account. Learn more by choosing a topic below.  

How to view your Broadband usage in My Account

To check your current, daily or monthly Broadband usage and how it compares with your previous 3 months, log in to My Account.

When does my plan reset? What are my inclusions?

Your usage period, rates and inclusions are contained within the Critical Information Summary (CIS) next to your plan name.  You'll need Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader to download and view your CIS. Please note: Some of our older plans may not have a CIS document. 

You can also go to our Critical Information Summary Site to view available CIS documents across all services.

Why can't I see my Broadband usage?

If you cannot see your Broadband service in the My Services list check:

Your usage information can take up 24-48 hours to show, if:


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How often is the usage meter updated?

The My Account usage meter is updated approximately every 15 minutes to 4 hours. The time and date of the last update is shown within the usage page. Occasionally a network event may cause delays to the update period.

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How to view Broadband usage in Member Services 

For Cable & Resale services only.

To view your current Broadband usage via Member Services, follow the steps shown via the button below.  Please note: We're gradually moving everything into My Account so that you can manage your services in one place. To link your Broadband service to your existing My Account profile, click here.

  1. Log in to Member Services (using your primary OptusNet username)

  2. From the left hand menu, click My Internet Account

  3. Then click My Usage

    Image showing steps to view Home Broadband usage

  • A graph will display your data use for the current period

How to see your broadband usage history

  1. Log in to Member Services (using your primary OptusNet username)

  2. From the left hand menu, click My Internet Account 

  3. Click My Usage, then Usage History

    Image showing steps to view usage history

  • A graph will display your data use for the previous 3 periods

  • A table will display your data use for the previous 6 periods

'My Internet Service' option not showing

Not using Primary Username?

The 'My Internet Service' menu option will only show if you've logged in using the Account Holder's 'Primary' username. If after logging in, you find that the option is not showing, it's possible you've logged in with a 'Secondary' username.

For privacy reasons, only the Account Holder using their primary username can access the usage / plan information and associated options within the 'My Internet Service' menu.

Detailed information on viewing, editing and the functionality of primary and secondary usernames can be found here.

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