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  • I have 'big data' tastes on a 'little data' budget

  • I need to Facebook and text all the time (it's not an addiction, I swear!)

  • All my friends are with Optus

  • I don't use my phone much

  • I make overseas calls a lot

Say 'Hello' to great international rates
Great low rates to many international destinations
Great low rates to
UNLIMITED talk4 to standard Australian mobiles and landlines
Low rates for talk
and text to
Australian mobiles
and landlines
90 day expiry and 10% bonus credit1 every time you recharge $10 or more
90 day expiry
and 10% bonus
credit every time
you recharge
$10 or more
Works with Optus 4G and 3G Networks
Works with the Optus
3G Network

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What you get

Low rates to many international destinations

Want to know how much it costs to call other countries? Click here

23c flagfall applies to every call. Calls charged in one minute increments and rounded up to the nearest minute. Calls to satellite phones excluded.

Country Calls to Fixed

(Per minute)*

Calls to mobile

(Per minute)*

China 1c 1c
Hong Kong 1c 1c
India 1.9c 1.9c
Indonesia 5c 9c
Malaysia 2c 2c
New Zealand 3c 15c
Pakistan 10c 15c
Phillippines 11c 17c
Singapore 0.5c 3c
Thailand 0.5c 3c
United Kingdom 3c 15c
USA 3c 3c
Vietnam 9c 10c
  Talk to Optus Mobiles 0c per minute for the first 10 minutes, then 10c per minute thereafter + 23c flagfall
  Standard talk to other Australian mobiles and landlines 10c per minute + 23c flagfall
  Standard text and MMS 10c (160 character max) per message
  Data 5c per MB
  Top-up data Top-up with $5 and get 500MB with a 30-day expiry
  ALL FOR USE WITHIN AUSTRALIA Critical Information Summary

All calls are rounded up to the nearest minute. Unused credit will rollover when you recharge before credit expiry.

The Nitty Gritty

Other Rates: The Critical Information Summary includes information on the other rates that apply.

10% Bonus Credit (MyBonus) offer: Not available with recharges included in SIM packs. Can be used for standard national and international calls, text and MMS, Voicemail and internet browsing.

MyCredit can be accessed once MyBonus has been used up, or to make call or message types that are not included in MyBonus.

Data: is counted in 1MB increments. Mobile handset tethering is not available.

Coverage: For detailed coverage maps, see

Compatibility: If you bring your own phone, make sure it's not locked to other networks and is compatible with our 3G UMTS 900MHz and 2100MHz networks. To learn more, visit

General: Optus Mobile Fair GoTM Policy and Internet Acceptable Use Policy applies. The Connect 4 Less SIM pack can not be used to connect to other Prepaid rate plans.