Delay due to severe weather events in Melbourne Metropolitan and part of the Central District of Victoria.

As previously notified by Optus on 21 January 2019, Melbourne Metropolitan and part of the surrounding Central District of Victoria were impacted by severe weather on or about Friday 14 December 2018. This event resulted in extensive damage to the telecommunications network. Due to the extent of damage to the network, the impact in the affected region has been greater than initially estimated, and as a consequence of the continued weather effects, the expected recovery date has now been extended to 10 March 2019.

The effect of these circumstances applies to an additional 2,460 services bringing the total number of services impacted to approximately 10,260 services. This number may increase as Optus assesses the full effect of the severe weather conditions. Based on current information, the resumption date of normal service operations is expected to be 10 March 2019.

Optus services encompassed in this exemption are in the area bounded by and including, but are not limited to the area starting at Elwood Beach following the coastline of Port Phillip Bay past St Kilda and Williamstown to Altona Coastal Park. From Altona Coastal Park the area heads northwest to Diggers Rest, east to Smiths Gully, and northeast to Toolangi then southeast to Warburton. The area turns south to Tonimbuk, west to Beaconsfield Upper, northwest to Noble Park, and north to Wheelers Hill then west back to Elwood Beach. All suburbs, towns, off shore islands and coastal areas serviced by Optus within these boundaries are encompassed in this exemption.

How will this affect you?

Unfortunately, your service may be affected and we may take longer than normal to fix telephone services or complete connections. Services in the area mentioned above with phone numbers in the following number ranges may have been affected:

0359098000 To 0359098999 0387390000 To 0387398999
0359100000 To 0359100999 0387403000 To 0387403999
0359121000 To 0359129999 0387560000 To 0387619999
0359160000 To 0359182999 0387722000 To 0387722999
0359184000 To 0359194999 0387740000 To 0387747999
0359490000 To 0359699999 0387749000 To 0387749999
0380860000 To 0380899999 0387904100 To 0387904899
0381870000 To 0381909999 0388020000 To 0388122999
0382880000 To 0382889999 0388223000 To 0388223999
0382900000 To 0383477999 0388228000 To 0388789999
0383519000 To 0383520999 0388920000 To 0388925999
0383590000 To 0383599999 0390410000 To 0390429999
0383710000 To 0384209999 0390760000 To 0390789999
0384310000 To 0384369999 0390907000 To 0390907999
0384580000 To 0384869999 0391074000 To 0391079999
0385020200 To 0385753999 0392002300 To 0396999999
0385857000 To 0385876099 0397120000 To 0397659999
0385980000 To 0386716999 0397770000 To 0397797999
0386951000 To 0386999999 0397969400 To 0399413899
0387114000 To 0387279999 0399530000 To 0399639999

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this delay may cause but we can assure you we are working hard to get things back on track.

What else do you need to know?

Information as to the nature of the severe weather events, which included heavy rainfall and damaging winds which occurred in the affected regions can be sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). The BOM issued Severe Weather Warnings regarding these events commencing from on or about Friday 14 December 2018. Additionally these unusually severe weather events have been widely reported by most of the news media.

Due to this event, we’re claiming an exemption under section 21 of the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011, including an exemption from the payment of compensation between 17 December 2018 to 10 March 2019 inclusive for any delays in fixing or connecting services, and the keeping of appointments relating to these activities in the impacted area.

Need more information?

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a CSG payment under this notice, or wish to have us reconsider whether the circumstances were a proper basis for claiming an exemption, you can contact Optus on 13 39 37– quoting CSG exemption reference number 17122018-VIC-S-C-P-MELBOURNE AND SURROUNDING DISTRICTS_RUNL_EXT2

You can also view a copy of this notice on our Internet site

If, after calling Optus on the above number, you remain unsatisfied with our response to your query, you have the option of raising the matter with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). Information on the TIO and contact details are available on the Internet ( and in the White Pages® telephone directory.