Delay due to severe weather events in Northern Country and North Central districts of Victoria and parts of the Riverina, South Coast and Snowy Mountains districts of New South Wales.

The Northern Country and North Central districts of Victoria and parts of the Riverina, South Coast and Snowy Mountains districts of New South Wales were impacted by severe weather on or about Friday 1 December 2017 through to Sunday 3 December 2017. 

An interruption to Optus normal operations has occurred leading to delays in installation and repair activities. As many as 1,440 of Optus services in the area bounded by and including, but not limited to, the area starting at Cape Howe on the NSW/Victoria border following the coastline south past Lakes Entrance and Wilsons Promontory to Koo Wee Rup. From Koo Wee Rup the area heads north to Narbethong and then turns northwest past Whittlesea and Wallan to Kyneton. The area then heads northeast past Murchison and Dookie crossing the NSW border to Howlong, northwest to Daysdale then northeast to Bribbaree. From Bribbaree the area heads east to Godfreys Creek, southeast to Narrawa, southwest to Cabramurra then southeast past Numeralla to Bermagui. The area then follows to NSW coastline south past Eden back to Cape Howe on the NSW/Victoria border. All suburbs and towns, including off shore islands and coastal areas serviced by Optus within these boundaries are encompassed in this exemption.

How will this affect you? 

Unfortunately your service may be affected and we may take longer than normal to fix telephone services or complete connections. Services in the area mentioned above with phone numbers in the following number ranges may have been affected:

0253098000 To 0253098999 0351200000 To 0351982999
0253106000 To 0253106999 0354216000 To 0354336999
0253530000 To 0253538999 0354635000 To 0354635999
0253540000 To 0253548999 0354656000 To 0354656999
0253553000 To 0253555999 0354800000 To 0354959999
0259083000 To 0259083999 0356127000 To 0356127999
0259090000 To 0259093999 0356180000 To 0356182999
0259138000 To 0259138999 0356210000 To 0356379999
0259244000 To 0259433999 0356549000 To 0356899999
0259590000 To 0259598999 0357200000 To 0357999999
0259633000 To 0259763999 0358144000 To 0358144999
0260200000 To 0260819999 0358200000 To 0358339999
0260870000 To 0260879999 0358490000 To 0358490999
0263801000 To 0263916999 0358510000 To 0358984999
0264270000 To 0264272999 0359098000 To 0359098999
0264490000 To 0264599999 0359100000 To 0359100999
0264910000 To 0264999999 0359121000 To 0359129999
0269197000 To 0269973999 0359160000 To 0359182999
0344001000 To 0344004999 0359184000 To 0359194999
0344007000 To 0344007999 0359402100 To 0359668499
0344323000 To 0344323999 0359800000 To 0359809999
0344330000 To 0344331999 0359974000 To 0359978999

We anticipate that the majority of services will be restored by 7 January 2018. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this delay may cause but we can assure you we are working hard to get things back on track.

What else do you need to know? 

Information as to the nature of these severe weather events can be sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). Heavy rain, flash flooding and thunderstorms are referred to in the BOM Severe Weather Warning issued for Friday 1 December 2017 initially at 10.50am reference number (IDV21037); all of which were widely reported in the news media after the events. Due to this event, we’re claiming an exemption under section 21 of the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011, including an exemption from the payment of compensation between 4 December 2017 and 7 January 2018 inclusive for any delays in fixing or connecting services, and the keeping of appointments relating to these activities in the impacted area. 

Need more information? 

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a CSG payment under this notice, or wish to have us reconsider whether the circumstances were a proper basis for claiming an exemption, you can contact Optus on 13 39 37– quoting CSG exemption reference number 04022017-VIC-S-C-P-NORTH EAST VICTORIA AND SOUTHERN NSW_RUL

You can also view a copy of this notice on our Internet site

If, after calling Optus on the above number, you remain unsatisfied with our response to your query, you have the option of raising the matter with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). Information on the TIO and contact details are available on the Internet ( and in the White Pages® telephone directory.