Extreme Weather events impact service in Sydney Metropolitan District.

As previously notified by Optus on Thursday 14th of January 2016, Optus’s normal operations in the Sydney Metropolitan region of New South Wales were affected by a series of extreme weather events on or about Sunday 3 January 2016 through to Wednesday 6 January 2016. The telecommunications network in these areas has experienced high levels of damage that resulted in delays to installation and repair activities on a significant number of Optus services. Due to the extent of damage to the Optus network, the impact in the affected region has been greater than initially estimated, and as a consequence of the continued weather effects, the expected recovery date has now been extended to 20 March 2016.

Optus has identified that the effect of these circumstances applies to an additional 3,900 services, bringing the total number of services impacted to approximately 7,050 services. This number may increase as Optus assesses the full effect of the extreme weather conditions. Based on current information, the resumption date of normal service operations is expected to be 20 March 2016. This date is indicative only; Optus customers should anticipate that some further delays may occur.

Optus regrets any inconvenience caused to customers and thanks them for their patience while this work is being undertaken.

Optus services on the Optus cable network encompassed in this exemption are in The area bounded by and including, but are not limited to the area starting at Newport following the coastline past Bondi to Cronulla. From Cronulla the area turns northwest past Glenfield and Edmondson Park, to Emu Heights, then northeast past Annangrove and Mt Kuring-Gai and east back to Newport.

Optus services on the non-cable network encompassed in this exemption are in the area bounded by and including, but is not limited to, the area starting at Palm Beach following the coastline south past Sydney to Cronulla. The area turns west to Grays Point and northwest, past Woronora and Kemps Creek to Mulgoa. From Mulgoa the Area turns southwest to Gurnang, northwest to Blayney and northeast to Sofala. From Sofala the area heads southeast to Kurrajong then east past Windsor to Mt Colah then northeast back to Palm Beach. All suburbs and towns, including metropolitan Sydney, off shore islands and coastal areas serviced by Optus within these boundaries are encompassed in this exemption.

Services in the area mentioned above with phone numbers in the following number ranges may have been affected:

0247048000 To 0247048999 0284110000 To 0284119999
0247063000 To 0247064999 0284220000 To 0284483499
0247206000 To 0247399999 0284673100 To 0284679999
0247510000 To 0247599999 0285090000 To 0285099999
0247760000 To 0247804999 0285122000 To 0285436999
0247890000 To 0247899999 0285440000 To 0285449999
0253106000 To 0253106999 0285570000 To 0285969999
0253185000 To 0253185999 0286250000 To 0286259999
0253530000 To 0253538999 0286280000 To 0286289999
0253540000 To 0253548999 0286331000 To 0286339999
0253550000 To 0253550999 0286770000 To 0286789999
0253553000 To 0253553999 0287002700 To 0287889999
0263293000 To 0263396999 0287980000 To 0288878999
0263500000 To 0263685999 0288990000 To 0289259999
0280210000 To 0280219999 0289370000 To 0289374999
0280540000 To 0280549999 0289620000 To 0289788999
0280650000 To 0280659999 0290300000 To 0290319999
0280680000 To 0280689999 0290902000 To 0290902999
0280840000 To 0280849999 0291110000 To 0291119999
0280948000 To 0280950999 0291441000 To 0291509999
0280958000 To 0280959999 0291810000 To 0291815999
0281890000 To 0281899999 0292001000 To 0293419999
0282040200 To 0282046899 0293430000 To 0293439999
0282171300 To 0283064799 0293450000 To 0293450799
0283321400 To 0283998999 0293451000 To 0293459999
0284079000 To 0284079999 0293510000 To 0299998999

As these circumstances were outside of Optus’s control, Optus is claiming an extension to time frames applying under the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011. This means that Optus is notifying customers that normal service time frames may not be met during the period of 7 January 2016 to 20 March 2016 inclusive (based on Optus’s estimated recovery schedule correct at the time of publication of this notice).

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a CSG payment under this notice, or wish to have us reconsider whether the circumstances were a proper basis for claiming an exemption, you can contact Optus on 13 39 37– quoting CSG exemption reference number 07012016-NSW-E-C-P-SYDNEY AND SURROUNDING AREAS_RUL_EXT You can also view a copy of this notice on our Internet site If, after calling Optus on the above number, you remain unsatisfied with our response to your query, you have the option of raising the matter with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).Information on the TIO and contact details are available on the Internet ( and in the White Pages® telephone directory.