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Ongoing Extreme Weather events impact service in Wide Bay and Burnett district of Queensland.

As previously notified by Optus on Tuesday March 3 2015 and Thursday April 9 2015, Optus’s normal operations in the Wide Bay and Burnett district of Queensland have been affected by ongoing extreme weather events on or about Thursday 19 February 2015 through to Saturday 21 February 2015. The telecommunications networks in these areas have experienced high levels of damage that has resulted in delays to installation and repair activities on a significant number of Optus services. Due to the extent of damage to the Optus network, the impact in the affected region has been greater than initially estimated, and as a consequence of the ongoing weather effects, the expected recovery date has now been further extended to 10 May 2015.

Information as to the nature of these severe weather events can be sourced from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM). A tropical cyclone is referred to in the BOM Severe Weather Warning issued for 19 February 2015 initially at 5:03 pm EST on Wednesday 18 February 2015; all of which were widely reported in the news media after the events.

Optus has identified that the effect of these circumstances may apply to an additional 51 services bringing the total number of potential services impacted to approximately 1,701 services. This number may increase as Optus assesses the full effect of the ongoing extreme weather conditions. Based on current information, the resumption date of normal service operations is expected to be 10 May 2015. This date is indicative only; Optus customers should anticipate that some further delays may occur.

Optus regrets any inconvenience caused to customers and thanks them for their patience while this work is being undertaken.

Optus services encompassed in this exemption are in the area bounded by and including, but is not limited to, the area starting at Turkey Beach following the coastline south past Agnes Water and Bundaberg to Burrum Heads. From Burrum Heads the area turns southwest to Coalstoun Lakes, then northwest past Mt Perry to Lake Awoonga, then east back to Turkey Beach. All suburbs and towns, off shore islands and coastal areas serviced by Optus within these boundaries are encompassed in this exemption.

Services in the area mentioned above with phone numbers in the following number ranges may have been affected:

0741260000 To 0741339999 0743310000 To 0743311999
0741500000 To 0741599999 0749020000 To 0749027999
0741836000 To 0741837999 0749705000 To 0749749999
0741906000 To 0741997999      

As these circumstances were outside of Optus’s control, Optus is claiming an exemption from compliance with time frames and performance standards required under the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011. Therefore Optus is notifying customers that normal installation and repair time frames may not be met during the period from 23 February 2015 to 10 May 2015 inclusive (based on Optus’s estimated recovery schedule correct at the time of publication of this notice) and, under section 21 of the Telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2011, Optus will be exempt from complying with performance standards during this period.

If you have any questions regarding your eligibility for a CSG payment under this notice, or wish to have us reconsider whether the circumstances were a proper basis for claiming an exemption, you can contact Optus on 13 39 37– quoting CSG exemption reference number 23022015-QLD-E-C-P-COASTAL AND CENTRAL QLD_RUL_EXT2 You can also view a copy of this notice on our Internet site If, after calling Optus on the above number, you remain unsatisfied with our response to your query, you have the option of raising the matter with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO).Information on the TIO and contact details are available on the Internet ( and in the White Pages® telephone directory.